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Busy parents and others want guidance on choosing television programs. Some parents watch so little TV themselves that they have almost no idea of the appropriateness of their children’s viewing habits or what shows are worth their time. This easy-to-use ratings list includes links to comments and descriptions that provide more detail to assist you in your decision-making.

• Ranking the best and worst programs
• Providing help for controlling your children’s viewing
• Easy-to-use ratings include links to comments from Christian viewers.

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Ratings are based upon the average viewer comments we have received from Christian adults visiting our site. Individual opinions and discernment may vary, as do the programs.

Let Biblical discernment and wisdom guide you, as well as your “the still small voice of the Lord.” Be aware that individual programs within a series may vary from the norm and would therefore warrant a lower or higher rating, if evaluated individually. All ratings are subject to change based upon future comments received from our readers. Please help.

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“Hollywood Wants Your Money… and Your Mind”
Featuring Ben Shapiro
Video by PragerU
Length: 5 minutes

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