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Hidden Hills

Moral Rating: not yet rated
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Sitcom
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Kristin Bauer, Justin Louis, Paula Marshall, Tamara Taylor, Dondre T. Whitfield

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) The off-center comedy "Hidden Hills" follows the eye-opening adventures of two suburban couples—Doug (Justin Louis, “Trinity”) and Janine (Paula Marshall, “Snoops”), and Zack (Dondr T. Whitfield, "All My Children") and Sarah (Tamara Taylor, "Party of Five")—as they seek domestic bliss between the hedges of their well-manicured and subdivided lots. The comedy explores the wild, sexy and funny side of the burbs—where apparently everyone has a lot more to reveal than what first meets the eye…

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—I really like the show. I find that the way they solve their problems is real and points out the failures of each, rather than always making the man look stupid. The love between the two main characters is real and keeps things in perspective. They handle issues of sex with a sense of reality, without it being dirty. Clearly this show is not for kids, but at the same time, kids could learn from it as long as their parents are watching it with them. (It has good topics for discussion, even between spouses.)
Tim, age 23