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Predators also known as “Predator 3”

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong creature violence and gore, and pervasive language.

Reviewed by: Christopher Walker

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Adults Teens
Sci-Fi Thriller Action Adventure Horror Sequel
1 hr. 46 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
July 9, 2010 (wide—2,700+ theaters)
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Featuring: Adrien BrodyRoyce
Topher GraceEdwin
Danny TrejoCuchillo
Laurence FishburneNoland
Walton Goggins … Stans
Alice BragaIsabelle
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Director: Nimród Antal
Producer: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Troublemaker Studios, Davis Entertainment, Elizabeth Avellan, John Davis, Robert Rodriguez, Alex Young
Distributor: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

“They are the most dangerous killers on the planet. But this is not our planet…”

“Predators” is a film that starts up from the first second and never lets go. A mercenary by the name of Royce (Adrien Brody) awakes and finds himself falling. His parachute opens and falls on a jungle-like planet. More parachutes soon follow. All of the seven dropped are killers (there is an eighth person, but his parachute doesn’t open in time), and in a matter of time, are used for sport. It’s hunting season where they are, and they are the game.

The movie is the third in the series that began in 1987 with “Predator”, the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film, and then continued with the illl-fated “Predator 2”. Robert Rodriguez was hired back in 1994 to write an outline for a third film, but was scrapped in order to make those two dreadful AVP films. When looking through the vault, somebody at Fox read the script and wisely invited Rodriguez to make his visionary take on the series to the big screen. Over the weeks and months leading to the release, it was erroneously speculated that the film was a remake. The film works as both a sequel and a reboot of the franchise, but Rodriguez’ script manages to throw some nods to the original without going overboard. However, Rodriguez didn’t direct the film, a guy with a first name of Nimrod (literally!) did.

Whereas the first two films are set on Earth, Rodriguez takes the third movie to their world where the humans are hunted for game, hence the double-entendre meaning of “Predators” meaning both species are hunting each other (and harkening to the 1986 Alien sequel called “Aliens” with similar title and plotline). By the time all the players are dropped, there is a 25-minute setup before the first attack. We are introduced to the characters, who are all “killers” on Earth (some more good than others) and their relationship they share with each other as to why they were sent there. They later meet up with a fellow soldier, Noland (Laurence Fishburne) and gain clues as to who the creatures are and how to kill them. All believe they are in their own personal hell.

The good: The movie isn’t as nearly good as the first one, but it’s stable enough for the franchise to return to its roots in terms of its dark, brooding, and menacing tone. A good portion of John Debney’s score is borrowed from the classic Alan Silvestri score. Some of the characters were well developed, and the Predator make-up was well-done. Adrien Brody was good in his role, as was Topher Grace in the role of disgraced doctor Edwin and Alice Braga as sniper Isabelle. Even Fishburne did a good job here. Even some of the battle sequences were outstanding. (And that Yakuza guy as one heck of a warrior, reminiscent of Billy in the original film). There are scenes of sacrifice and courage to order to save the lives of the other people, and there is a redeeming factor in Royce’s character in that he learns to help people by the end as opposed to just caring about himself.

The bad: I’m not giving any spoilers as to who dies, that is for you to see if you wish to view it, but some of the characters I felt should’ve lasted longer than they did. An extra ten to fifteen more minutes would’ve helped; there were some plot holes, as every movie does. If the movie did have nods to the original, my only gripe is that they left out a classic line that should’ve tied in with this one as well. One of the characters in the movie, Stans (Walton Goggins of TV’s “The Shield”) is a serial rapist, and brags about his life on Earth and all the women he raped.

This is a true action film that stands out in a summer fare that hasn’t seen its fare share of solid hits and more along the lines of disappointments, but “Predators” manages to be both campy and entertaining at the same time, in a good way.

Violence: Extreme / Profanity: Extreme / Sex/Nudity: Moderate

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Comments below:
Positive—I just saw it, and I rather like it. It had intense action, nice guns (and characters who could use them like they knew how) and nice characters. It’s a motley band--a Russian with a mini gun, death row inmate, a death squad guy from Africa, a drug cartel guy, an american doctor, an american mercenary, a Japanese mafia Whitman, and… my favorite character, an Israeli Defense Force sniper, played by the same girl from I Am Legend. Anyway, there’s swearing, foul language, and the death row inmate has a nude tattoo on his chest. (Don’t worry, he is a bad guy and dies. The other people on the team are also disgusted by his language and such, and how he threatens to kill for a gun, since he just has a knife.) There’s also gore and violence, obviously. Value-plot wise, there’s not much. There’s only two main characters, which I didn’t mind--the IDF sniper and the merc. The Israeli shows concern for all on the team. The merc is defensive about her being a soldier and him a mercenary, claiming she just didn’t want to admit she liked hunting men. Disgusted by his bitterness and lack of concern for the other people stranded there, she bluntly and slightly sadly asks, “What made you so f****d up?” Her nobility later infects him and he changes for the better, which saves both his and her lives. Overall, a good action movie that I liked. No kids though, please.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4½
Andrew Benson, age 18 (USA)
Positive—I went and saw “Predators” with my cousin the day after its release in theaters. I didn’t know what to expect, because of how long it’s been since the last “Predator” movie, which while containing some fun moments, was an overall dud and defaming of the original.

This time around Robert Rodriguez has invested good money into making a loud, flashy, action-packed ride that holds you to your seat from start to finish. With any action movie these days, the language was expected--though not needed--the violence is heavy but not as graphic as it could have been, and what is about those sexual remarks? Yuck, I don’t want to know that guy’s a rapist, that’s just sick!!

Anyway, besides that (and Laurence Fishburnes' weak character--no fault of his own, though), “Predators” is a great installment to a long dead could-have-been-franchise. Thank your Robert Rodriguez! Good action, fair acting and plenty of stunning visuals and adrenaline, “Predators” is a must see for Sci-Fi fans and Predator fans… oh, yeah… the nod to the original was cool.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Benjamin Badger, age 18 (USA)
Positive—I was unsure about seeing this movie, as some of the previous “Predator” movies haven’t been all that great since the original. (Although I’ll have to disagree with the reviewer, I liked AvP Requiem) This one, for the most part didn’t disappoint. A good script, which actually surprised me, more then a few good nods to the original movie, fleshed-out characters with well chosen actors. My one gripe story-wise, was that it seems in some movies there seems the need for the director or writer to change characters. Make them “bigger and better” or different, i.e., the Predators, and I’ll agree with the reviewer, good characters being killed off too quick. I’ll let others decide for themselves if you agree or not. Lots of things to be wary of, of course, before seeing. Blood and gore through, of course, and language (although not as many f-bombs as some movies today).
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Andrew, age 28 (USA)
Positive—In what has been a mostly dull year at the movies, a time spent wading thru a murky sea of chick flicks and gender-neutral flicks alike, finally, the movie gods open up their wallets and their imaginations to bring us another truly guy flick. “Predators.” Word of note. I’m a big fan of the original.

The Danny Glover sequel? Not a chance. But honestly, who doesn’t love Arnie screaming his all-time famous line in that beloved Austrian accent of his? Other than “How to Train Your Dragon” and hopefully the mega action-star palooza “The Expendables,” “Predators” is probably gonna be the only other film this year I’ll care to rewatch. I may have been away for quite some time, but already I’m nearly caught up on all the reels worth a pence. Believe you me. 2010 has some slim pickings.

I saw a midnight showing. As I said, I’m a huge fan of the 1987 “Predator.” Apparently so are 200 other of Fayetteville’s finest. The crowd, God bless 'em, kept a tight lid on their mugs for the most part. These are not goofy films, but as they are lacking in a bit of the smarts dept, it’s natural to poke fun at a few of the film’s lesser moments. For starters, the crowd was restless with the beginning. Everyone was expecting mad mayhem from the get-go. “Predators” is after all assuming the mantle of the Predator franchise, certainly no easy task by any stretch. But, the cardinal rule still applies: it’s a movie, so some character development is in order. Fair enough; I can dig that. Fayetteville’s finest? Not so much.

Second, the special fx are so… 1997. Honest. I think the second Jurassic Park movie has better sfx. Watch this. There are some darn-near 80’s quality animations and then there are some haphazardly digital alien doggie quadrapeds. Really Predators? This is 2010. Get with the program. I’ll still get the poster; it’s freakin' b.a. Third, what the deuce was a fat guy doing on the alien planet? For ten years no less? To quote the ol' man, Lawrence Fishburne was “hilariously fat.” In the movie, he explains he survives on whatever he can find, whenever and wherever he can find it—and BEER—as he rubs his jolly belly. “I got a whole stash of beer!” The ol' man joked. By that I mean the ol' man OL' MAN. Not Fishburne.

Finally, I think Adrian Brody was a great choice for the film; it’s just the pseudo Batman voice. What is the meaning of this!? Come on guys. Seriously? Is every action movie gonna be duplicating the Batman/Rorschach gravel (or even way before that—Clint Eastwood as The Man With No Name, Dirty Harry, the Preacher from “Pale Rider,” etc.)? Don’t get me wrong folks. I love this movie. It’s as completely brainless as I hoped it would be, with 10x more brawn than I ever bargained for.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Mega Tron, age 24 (USA)


Negative—This film was bloody awful! Full of expletives and vile, foul sexually provocative comments, I found this to be a morally unpleasant waste of money. I didn’t care about any of the characters—and just let me say that Adrian Brody and Topher Grace do not make good action stars. It seemed that Laurence Fishburne phoned in his performance—the man was only in it for the money. Do yourself a favor and skip this completely.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Reba, age 40+ (USA)
Comments from young people
Positive—A few days ago I went with my friends to go see “Predators.” I’ve never seen any commercials before then, and I didn’t really know what to expect. Really I thought this was a pretty good movie. …Predators does not have very good character development and ***SPOILER*** you don’t learn the main characters names until the end of the movie ***END SPOILER***.

The monsters look like men in suits covered up with CGI while they have the helmets on, but it was okay. Overall, a good teen fight-with-gun sort of movie.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Samuel C., age 13 (Croatia)
Positive—I saw this movie with two of my friends and thought it would be a really good movie from the commercials and from seeing the first 2. It was a good movie in which there was a lot of action and gore and most of the people died pretty awesomely. There were some objectionable stuff in the movie though. First off, there were like 50 f-words and like 20 s-words, and about 30 other milder profanities. Some people, unlike me, could be offended by the extreme violence and gore also. There was barely any sexual content in the movie except in one part the rapist has a tattoo of a naked lady on his stomach. When every one else asks if it’s his girlfriend he says no, it’s my sister.

The main reason I liked this movie though was because it sorta reminded me of the Saw movies which I also really like, where all the people that are sent there are killers, mercenaries, serial killer doctor, who was freaking awesome, and a rapist. They were all put on the planet because in some twisted, psychotic way, they deserved it. I highly recommend this movie to anyone above the age of 12. Great movie.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Jay, age 14 (USA)
Positive—I was blown away by this movie. The graphics were great and the characters were well developed. True, the dialougue has at least 15 f-bombs, 5 d***s, I think I heard 1 GD***, and at least 5 s***s. One part of the movie has a deathrow inmate (Walter Goggins—“The Shield”) saying that if he survives he’ll do a ton of cocaine and rape a lot of women. Only one of the characters disgusted me and that was the rapist, ***SPOILER ALERT*** yet he died an awesome death, in my opinion.

Some of the characters sacrificed themselves to save others and I was especially happy with that. The movie has your modern day murderers and soldiers, including a mercenary (Adrien Brody), idf sniper (Alice Braga), spetsnaz fighter (Oleg Taktarov), serial killer (Topher Grace), serial rapist (Walton Goggins), unknown soldier (Laurence Fishburne), drug cartel leader (Danny Trejo), japanese fighter (Louis Changchien), and death squad fighter (Mahershalahashbaz Ali).

If you’re an action fanatic and sci-fi freak like me you’ll probably enjoy the amount of big guns. The movie is well developed, although it does seem like a remake of the original Predator, and is well thought through. I had been anticipating the movie ever since I saw the poster at the theater, especially since it had two of my favorite actors.

I have to admit I was extremely disappointed that Laurence Fishburne had such a small part, his character was such a laugh. I was not disappointed, however, in the movie-making quality and the action. The minute I saw the beginning my interest was already peaked. We had skipped the theater hoping we wouldn’t waste $30. I had watched the movie at least three times in one day, and when we returned it I was on the verge of crying (not literally).

The character Stans, rapist, was annoying. One part the Russian had showed the serial killer doctor (they had no idea why he was there) a photo of his children and Stans had opened up his shirt to reveal a tatoo of a naked woman on his chest. The doctor asked him if that was his girlfriend. Stans replied, “No, it’s my sister.” This line really disturbed me, and, at that point, I was hoping he wasn’t going to stay for the end.

The fight scene at the end was very clever. It almost made you think one thing, but then it completely changed your perspective. In the end, the character Royce, mercenary, changes from thinking only of himself to rescuing the others. Besides the cussing and disturbing notes from the rapist, the movie was overall intriguing and entertaining. I recommend it to audiences above the age of 12 as a great film to see!
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Whitney Futrell, age 13 (USA)
Movie Critics
…Like shooting humans in a jungly alien barrel… This chaotic stew of fire, blood, mud and explosives is so devoid of terror and suspense that any metaphorical analysis is rendered moot.
Stephen Holden, The New York Times
…“Predators” loses thrill of the hunt… starts well and ends poorly, and in the middle it’s in the middle. …
M.J. Phillips, The Los Angeles Times
…“Predators” captures dumbed-down entertainment… goofy, improbable plot…
Connie Ogle, The Miami Herald
…Blunt and bloody, “Predators” provides terrific action if you’re game… “Predators” has a few surprises up its sleeve…
Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press
…“Predators” is a workable revival of the B-movie hunters-become-the-hunted franchise… It sets up as a taut, nervy Eight Rough Characters in Search of an Exit, flirts with the idea of being a bloody and profane episode of TV’s, and only goes seriously wrong in the last half hour. …
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
…What the movie lacks… is any sense of fear. … Like most of Rodriguez’s work, this movie only seems to come alive when it’s at its most gleefully juvenile, as limbs get sliced and body cavities are torn open and the Predators spew neon-green blood. …
Christopher Kelly, The Dallas Morning News
…what starts with so much promise and intrigue devolves into a more predictable cat—and-mouse game. The fascination wears off as the initial premise never becomes fleshed out and plot holes loom larger than the monstrous mayhem. …
Claudia Puig, USA Today
…an entertaining and well-made popcorn flick certain to make fans of the original movie happy. It has very strong foul language and violence, however…
Ted Baehr, Movieguide