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Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Comedy
Length: 30 min.
viewer comments…
Caution—I find this show highly entertaining, very creative and funny. The characters are very likable. But there have been a couple of shows that really focused on the characters’ sexual relationships (without the benefit of marriage), so I recommend this one with caution.
Merrie Smith, age 39
Caution—At first Scrubs seemed like a good show. The writing is very clever, the situations were insightful. One show highlighted the Christian beliefs of one of the main characters. However, recently the show has moved to the bedroom. The last two shows, Jan 21 and Feb 5, 2002 have been nothing but sex. The character who proclaimed to be a Christian has decidedly thrown any Christian values out the window. Hopefully this witty and well written sitcom will return to more intelligent humor and avoid the smut.
Brad Stevens, age 41
Usually Okay—An extremely funny show, which uses clever, usually clean, dialogue and situations to drive home a moral point. A comedy about dedication, hard work, friendship, and love. Although it is based on many worldly values, those are hardly ever shown on this sitcom. The characters live relatively upright lives, showing the reality of medicine as an intern. Young people should see this show if they want a GREAT laugh without the guilt.
Denis Tricoche, age 21
Comments from young people
Avoid—…its impossible to watch the show for two minutes without being offended by sickening language and sex. I find it sad that we have become so desensitized.
Nicole Hoffman, age 15