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Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: David Morse, Andre Braugher, George Dzundza, Matthew Borish, Donna Murphy | Produced by: Big Ticket Television, CBS Productions, Pariah and The Thomas Carter Company

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) HACK is a drama about Mike Olshansky (David Morse), an ex-cop turned taxi driver who seeks redemption by fighting for and righting the wrongs of others. Once a decorated police officer, Mike is abruptly kicked off the force after he's caught taking money from a crime scene. With his law enforcement career in tatters, Mike begrudgingly embraces his new life as a cabbie, a job that requires long days and nights and a steady supply of caffeine and eye drops. When one of his passengers is beaten by a group of thugs, and when another asks him to help locate a missing daughter, Mike realizes he can still use his police know-how to help those in need. As he contemplates moonlighting as a crime solver, he seeks support and assistance from his longtime friends, including former partner Marcellus Washington (Andre Braugher), who is eager to repay Mike after he kept silent a secret that could shatter his own police career. Marcellus, forever in Mike's debt, gives him the inside information Mike needs to help others, while Mike assists him in doing the work a cop can't do. Father Tom “Grizz” Grzelak (George Dzundza) is both Mike's drinking buddy and forthright friend. At home, Mike faces drama of a different sort from his estranged wife, Heather (Donna Murphy), and son, Michael Jr. (Matthew Borish) The closer he examines his own life, the more Mike finds himself unable to stop intervening in the troubled lives of others.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—The fall from “grace” is never pretty and only those with some morality and personal dignity will see the need for redemption, to make up for the damage they did to their own credulity as an honest and moral person. The road back is never easy nor pretty, otherwise it wouldn't really be redemption. Hack, is one episode, one ride, an incident at a time of confronting evil on the road back to redemption. Now if they could just get Dante on their writing team.
Jack Baumgard, age 61
Usually Okay—I like 'Hack' because the main character is respectful of people and does not treat them as if they were all mere conveniences, to be tossed when no longer useful for his purposes. The episodes do depict a seamy side of life, so I would not want a child to watch it, but it is not glorified, not endorsed.
Pam, age 59
Usually Okay—So far I've seen very little inappropriate scenes. The main character seems to be having a realization that God is there. But unfortunately seems to think God is picking on him. Maybe the writers could show that God is in control and not cruel though.
Henry, age 39
Usually Okay—It's good to see David Morse and Andre Braugher back on prime time. Morse's Mike Olshansky, gives it to the bad guys much in the way that Chuck Norris did in Walker. The violence is more or less window-dressing however, as the story's usually concentrates on Olshansky fighting crime and helping people in need. I like Father Tom. He is often seen helping Mike with moral dilemmas. However, Father Tom can be a bit rough around the edges, but still a likable character, and an important one, especially with the absence of spiritual figures in Television. If you haven't yet, give Hack a try. Probably the best show on Friday.
Tim, age 23
Usually Okay—I've been watching Hack since the first episode and have never been disappointed. The writing is excellent and succeeds in sending a moral message without hitting you over the head. David Morse and Andre Braugher add believablity to the not-so-perfect characters they play and it's great to see them back on the screen. I love Hack and look forward to tuning in every Friday night.
Jane Gizyn, age 51