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Doc 2001-04 (88 episodes)

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: All Ages
Genre: Medical Drama with strong Christian undertones
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Billy Ray Cyrus, Ron Lea, Richard Leacock, Ruth Marshall Derek McGrath, Tyler Posey, Andrea Robinson, Tracy Shreve
Billy Ray Cyrus in 'Doc'

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) Cyrus stars as a handsome, country doctor from Montana who falls for a successful, beautiful magazine writer from New York City. He gives up his simple life and moves to the Big Apple. Life in New York begins well enough, where Doc's down-to-earth bedside manner and compassion endear him to the patients at a big HMO. But Doc's colleagues turn on him when he begins making house calls and treating patients who can't pay. As Doc fights for the right to practice his brand of old-fashion medicine, his romance unexpectedly goes sour. Doc finds himself alone and friendless in the big, cold-hearted city.

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viewer comments…
Usually Okay—Great, great program! Great story line, actors & actresses. The only thing we thought was that the last show of the season seemed to be a little out of the normal character and we were VERY disappointed it didn't end with DOC Cassidy writing home on his laptop. It just didn't have the strongest message with that special 'drive it home' touch at the end. Just our observation, even though it IS our FAVORITE show on tv that we talk about with anyone and everyone! Thank you for the great interview and for supporting such a great family show. One of VERY VERY few with such a touching message, which is delivered as totally REAL to LIFE.
John & Ann, age 48
Usually Okay—The show Doc is my favorite TV program to watch. My husband and I watch it together and we look forward to each new episode. I even watch the reruns because I usually find that I see something in the rerun that I missed the first time around. This is a show that the entire family can watch and I feel as though I have become more understanding and a better person since I started watching Doc. Billy Ray Cyrus does an outstanding job of portraying Dr. Cassidy and I enjoy the entire cast of characters. The ensemble cast seem to all like each other and really love what they are doing.
Charma R., age 54
Usually Okay—This is a must watch show for all families. I started watching because I was a Billy Ray Cyrus fan and have always felt that he was a decent man who wasn't treated as well as other singers. I think he always tried to set a good example by not answering the insults thrown at him by the critics and other entertainers. I had no idea that he was such a talented actor as well as a singer. He comes across as a very caring and humble doctor in the show and I really don't think these character traits are much of a stretch for him as you can see that he is exactly like this in his own life. The show is always striving to show how important it is to live the Golden Rule and I know it sure makes me try to be a better person. I hope the show is here for a lot more years and it wins many awards along the way. The writers and cast are first rate. If you haven't watched it yet, please give it a try. I guarantee you will be hooked from the first episode.
Kelli, age 29
Usually Okay—I had been Watching Doc for the past few years I am also an spirit member and I love the show. It has helped so many people out. Billy Ray Cyrus is one of the best actors I have seen around. I would rather watch Doc then anything on any other channel. I had lost my mother a long time ago and Billy as Clint helped me through it all.
Laura Rock, age 42
Usually Okay—This is such a wonderful show. The writing is excellent and it always makes me feel good. The accent is always on the positive. This is a perfect show for the entire family to watch and enjoy. The adoption aspect of the show is great and it is terrific to see that Raul has found a family. What an outstanding show!
Sherry, age 46
Usually Okayalways okay [not just “usually”]. This is one show the whole family can watch together. Not many of them on tv any more. Lots of great story lines and great cast. Hope it stays on for a long time. I had almost given up watching tv but now look forward every Sunday and Tuesday. if you have not watched it please do. It is a great show.
Shirley Barrow, age 70
Usually Okay—My family and I have been watching DOC from its first show. Being fans of Billy Ray drew our attention to it, but the storylines and the interaction of the other talented actors have kept us coming back each week. The premise of a country doctor taking a position at an HMO facility in NYC has been the inspiration for some fantastic storylines. It has been fascinating watching DOC Cassidy (Billy Ray Cyrus) bring these somewhat jaded city folks around to his way of looking at things. The character of Clint Cassidy holds a great deal of the real life BRC in his outlook on how things should be done. As the old adage goes, "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy!" and Doc sure lives up to that. We sure hope this show is around for a long time.
Jeanne Hearn, age 65
Usually Okay—I think this show is one of the best around for the entire family to watch. The children are confronted with some tests of character and peer pressure and when they choose the wrong path the lesson is there for them to learn. The adults are very believable and each show deals with subjects that are current and makes you think about the world today and the many problems we all face as we try to live our faith. I especially like Dr. Cassidy's role as a small town doctor adjusting to life in the Big Apple. He tries to teach his co-workers that people are more important than money and he became a doctor because he truly wants to help the sick and poor people in this world. On nearly every show he quotes verses from the Bible and always makes me feel that as long as we live by the Golden Rule and trust in The Lord this old world is going to be alright. My family and I look forward to this show every week and I don't have to worry about the language or sexual content. This show is what I have been waiting for.
Barb Payne, age 53
Usually Okay—I just love the show Doc! It is a very uplifting show and I enjoy watching it every Sunday & Tuesday night! I'd recommend this show for all ages! :) It's a great show that the whole family can watch, unlike some shows that are on network TV these days. Billy Ray Cyrus is the greatest! He does a great job on the show as well as the cast/crew/writers, etc. of Doc!
Usually Okay—DOC is a wonderful show for the whole family. I recommend it for all ages. Doc Cassidy (Billy Ray Cyrus) is a compassionate, God-fearing doctor doing his best to help his patients, friends and strangers alike. Sometimes our greatest witness for Christ is our actions and reactions. Young people can learn the consequences of their actions by watching Raul & Justin. The writers, cast and crew deserve a big THANK YOU for this show. We need to spread the word that this show is on and support their efforts.
Wendy, age 37
Usually Okay—Doc on the PAX Network is extremely suitable for family viewing. It is one of the few shows I look forward to watching every week. I believe this show to be 100% moral & enjoyable in every way. Just watch it once & you'll want to see more!
Lori Anderson, age 37
Usually Okay—DOC is the best Family show on TV. I've never heard a curse word on there. I don't think any other TV Show can say that. It is a show that covers current events in a compelling & compassionate way. It has a lot of humor. I end up laughing & crying almost everytime. They hit your emotions BOOM in a sudden & unexpected way & you sit there tears streaming down your face. Billy Ray Cyrus & Nurse Nancy & all the other characters make this show so believable. It makes us want to go back to the "good ole days" when Doctors actually could care for their patients in a kind & loving way…without interference. Parents trust this one you can sit down with your kids & know nothing is questionable. The Some Gave All episode where they were showing men who died in the war & firefighters & policemen was the most touching episode ever.
Nancy Chapman, age 64
Usually Okay—This is a wonderful show that the whole family can watch together. Life's lessons from a Christian standpoint are evident in each and every episode. I have been a fan of Billy Ray Cyrus since the "Achy Breaky" days, and I know of his deep spiritual background and how he lives his life helping others. “Doc” is not a stretch for him. BRC and his character, Clint Cassidy (Doc), are just alike…kind, generous and good looking! “Doc” is wholesome, humorous and sometimes, sad. I would recommend it to one and all!
Gail Blevins
Usually Okay—Doc, the new Sunday evening series on PAX is one of the best family shows I've seen in years. Strong moral content, interracial friendships, love toward enemies, compassion toward the homeless and/or helpless are all featured against the backdrop of DOC (Billy Ray Cyrus), a transplant from Montana to New York City, practicing medicine at a Manhattan HMO. Lots of laughs; occasionally tears; NO profanity; NO sex.
Jim, age 48
Usually Okay—We are binge watching on Roku this series and love it. Very surprised that Billy Ray Cyrus could act and in a Christian show. Guess I am going by how his daughter has become so misguided in real life. Where is her upbringing in his life’s influence. Would really like to know what brand of laptop “DOC” used at the end of every episode. Never saw one quite like it. C and B
Barbara Pratt, age 79 (USA)
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—I love this show because it makes me feel good about myself and my world when I watch it. There is always a moral lesson but it does not get too preachy about it.The stories are topical and I can relate to the kids and their misadventures. It makes me laugh and cry and it always makes me think. It's a great family show.
Eric, age 12
Usually Okay—It's a wonderful show, it has many real life situations, and turn them into something the family can watch. Billy Ray Cyrus adds a certain something to it, I think all families should try and watch the show at least once. It's another one of those shows where you can find faith in God in it and I love that.
Stephanie, age 15