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The Bachelor

Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Reality
Length: 1 hr.
Featuring: Aaron (the bachelor) | Hosted by: Chris Harrison
viewer comments…
Avoid—This show disgusts me! You basically have a group of women in bikinis throwing themselves at one man. You may ask why are these women crazy over this guy? It's certainly not because of his morals. He spends half the show slobbering on every girl he comes in contact with. The only reason someone should watch this show is to see the OPPOSITE of a good dating relationship.
Nicole Hoffman, age 15
Avoid—This is the most pathetic show on TV. From a Christian stand point, the position these woman puts themselves in is very demeaning and disrespecting. No Christian woman should want to choose a husband in this way. If you are a Christian looking for a Christian judgement review on this show to question it's worth you need help. Please seek Christian friends or clergy to discuss views.
L. Hughes, age 40
Caution—The episode I saw didn't have any nudity or scantily clad women, but I could see where it just focuses on outward attraction more than what is in a person's heart. That's Hollywood for you, but that has also resulted in untold millions of people feeling inferior, having eating disorders, etc.
Bob Gaudio, age 45