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Citizen Baines

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: James Cromwell, Embeth Davidtz, Jane Adams, Jacinda Barrett | Produced by: John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) When Elliott Baines (Cromwell), a prominent three-term United States Senator, loses his bid for re-election, he must leave Capitol Hill and return home to Seattle to start living the next chapter in his now uncertain life. Joining him are his three grown daughters, who are often at odds not only with their father but also with each other. Ellen (Davidtz), the eldest, is a lawyer considering a move into the political arena; Reeva (Adams) Citizen Baines. Copyright by a busy mother of two, with problems at home; and Dori (Barrett) is a young woman still trying to find her niche in life. Caught up in their own lives and used to living them without their father's presence, the three don't know what to expect from his return—and neither does Elliott.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—I personally enjoy this show. It has great lessons in issues in politics, family, and the consequences of not living justly. Although there are times of rather “sinful” acts, particularly by the youngest daughter of a former senator, Dori (I believe her name is), the rest of the show is great and very interesting. Basic rundown: Elliot Baines has just lost re-election into the senate, [and] he now has to live a normal life.

[He] now has the responsibility of being involved in his 3 daughters lives, whom he has not been much of a part of since his time in office. [He] is learning greatly about all of them and their passions, who they are. Ellen is the oldest daughter, a lawyer with a husband and son, soon to run for congress. Reeva is the second oldest, separated shortly from her husband.

They share 2 adopted daughters, and have a baby on the way. She is working in cosmotology. And Dori is a freelance photographer, finally settling down from a rather wild life. Give it a try!
Vicki, age 20