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Hey Arnold!

Moral Rating: not yet rated
Primary Audience: 6-12
Genre: Animated Comedy
Length: 30 min.
viewer comments…
Caution—This one's about a 9-year-old named Arnold, living in a boarding house with the owners, his grandparents. He lives in a downtown area, with some kids with sometimes annoying personalities like… Helga, who is a perfect bully whose attitude can be really annoying. She could even get you embarassed when you get her mad. I don't get this show much. Sure, there is a good reason why Helga's acting like a jerk. Her parents ignore her, without even knowing that their second daughter is turning into the world's most irritating girl. Bad thing about this show is that kids may mimic the “bad” (fine, so they're often misunderstood) guys' attitude. The good things about this is that they can also copy Arnold's personality, who is open-minded, always looking on the bright side, thinking before making a step, and can accept any life test given to him. The story kinda deals with handling the realities of life with other people. Nice, realistic show with interesting characters. Though sometimes some of the episodes could influence kids in a negative way. A cartoon that needs to be understood (because younger kids don't understand the characters sometimes…).
ICQgirl, age 13