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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon
Moral Rating: Avoid
Primary Audience: Youth
Genre: Anime
Length: 30 mins.
viewer comments
Caution—I have been asked by companies and individuals uncountable times to write about Sailor Moon and other Anime for them. My set back is I will go on and on, with run on sentences, grammer problems and bad spelling. I am going to try to keep this simple but probably fail. Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of Sailor Moon. While going through college to become a pharmacist she entered a contest with the manga/comic CodeName: Sailor V.

After winning she was bothered non-stop by friends, family, and companies to produce an entire manga series. The Company that won her attention promised an Anime series to be made as well. So while she created the Manga, the company made the Anime series Sailor Moon with many conflicts and problems starting with the Animators thinking Serena/Usagi was 10. In Japan, as of surveys in the 60's (through 80's), the most commonly practiced religion was Shinto.

However, by the time a Survey was done (finally) in the 90's the majority of Japanese had become Christian. It was becoming hard to tell what believe, myth, or story came from where and if there was any proof to it ever even being an ancient myth or just Urban Legend.

Naoko and many other Manga and Anime creators decided to try to clear up which came from where through their art. But Naoko also wanted to put in educational information and how well something would hold true. Naoko took many factors and combined them, many beliefs and what claims to tell how people should be like since birth.

Sailor V was already like this, just to start off with V is a CodeName used in many Science to label the event where the planet Venus is mistaken for the Moon. Unfortunately, most of Naoko's lessons and work is lost when it is poorly worked with by North American companies.

“God” is never mentioned in North American versions of Sailor Moon. Serena/Usagi is Christian. She wears crosses, which are edited out, she uses her faith in God in extreme situations and ask him for his help, protection, and guidance. She is deeply worried about Rei/Raye the Shinto Priestess and often arguements start amongst them because of their religions. As for the other characters, the series, and so on.

Naoko brings up as many Myths, Legends, and religions as she can, trying to teach children without boring them.

The First Season teaches the truth about elements and if they were people, the outcome is that they are weak, unstable, and not solid. The Doom Tree series is about the Nordic religion, the outcome is that the whole of the people destroyed themselves except those who listened to and took care of their mother and each other (real practicioners of the religion fought until they all died except those who accepted it as myth and found true love).

The Second Season again looked at elements and Wicca. The Third Season went into Wicca and misunderstandings--the Witches killed each other and the Dark Messiahs only power turned out to be destruction and pain, the power hungry father had lost out on enjoying life. The Fourth Season goes more into Elements and Ancient Mythologies of the European world, the villains are after what they do not have… their own dreams.

The Fifth Season is more complicated, it has stuff for all ages, many religions have some connection between a Star and three men…

Great Anime, if you can understand that it's just a cartoon. Dubbing and Editing in North America is terrible, many things are lost… but not all. Sailor Moon is a Manga (Comic Book), Anime (cartoon), and Musical (Live Action Muscial: In other countries it runs through theaters like Broadway). Sailor Moon and Naoko Takeuchi has numerous awards and recognitions. Naoko's best friend is the creator of Fushigi Yuugi and her husband the creator of another anime…
Mary Louise Riccardi, age 20
Caution—Japanese anime should be viewed with a cultural perspective. There are elements that may offend many a Christian, though in most cases it may be unintentional. Sadly, only about 1% of the population in Japan are Christian. I try to focus on the good things in anime and would like to point out a few things about Sailor Moon. Even in the inedited version nudity is extremely rare. Also, according to Japanese laws when nudity is presented, it is prohibited from showing adult genitilia in most media (Hentai included, but a subject I do not with to go into) The transformations themselves are no worse than what is seen on a Barbie doll. However, some of the villans wear rather revealing outfits. This does not bother me, but it may not be suitable for the youngest of children. I will not lie that in Sailor Moon that the soldiers Uranus and Neptune may be lovers. In the unedited version it is hinted at, but NEVER said nor shown in detail. Along side some questionable elements, there are some good things to mention about Sailor Moon. The girls value friendship and have sacrificed themselves for one another in the show. They persevere to protect what they love. Also in the unedited version the ending song is very beautiful melody called 'Tuxedo Mirage'.
A & W, age 23
Caution—It is overall a good anime. It honors and portrays marriage (between Usagi and Mamoru) in a good light. Moral issues are as follows: Nudity - Occasional-during henshin (transformation) sequences and rarely in the show itself; no anatomical parts shown (think nude Barbie dolls). The nudity is not intended to sexually stimulate. New Age/Magic: Although magic is present, it is used as a tool rather than worshipped.
Ken, age 21
Usually Okay—I have seen about the entire series of this, including the Japanese version… The Japanese version does include a few questionable things, and I wouldn't recommend it to children… However, in the American version, They edit out anything that is too questionable… In fact, in the first episode,in the first season, Dic (The company that dubbed it) had edited out a scene where the main character Serena, had kicked her brother, saying it was too violent! Again I'm talking about the first season… Also in the first season they had a section called "Sailor Says" and at the end of each episode, they brought out a moral lesson at the end of each show, encouraging kids to recycle, eat their veggies, be nice to people etc.… which is a great thing for kids! There is of course minor violence where Sailor Moon fights off evil… Nephlyte, a "bad guy" consults the power of stars for help to destroy sailor moon, but of course he is evil, and in the end loses…this first season is great for kids… the later seasons, cloverway took over instead of dic. They dropped the sailor says segment, and did a bit less editing out, but of course any thing major they edited… any people that may have been gay in the Japanese version, they edit out in the American, making them cousins or something, and any inappropriate topics they also change… the later seasons, I would recommend for kids 9 and up, and the first season for children 4 and up. I brought Sailor Moon babysitting with some 5 year olds, and thought it taught great lessons in the "Sailor Says" section… again this is the first American season… Only the Japanese version may contain questionable things, I would recommend for kids 13 and up… but all in all, the American Sailor Moon is a great show for kids… most especially the first season in English.
Christina, age 18
Avoid—This anime (Japanese-cartoon), all has to do with new age stuff and "crystal power", power/ energy from nature, etc. Although that's typical of something Japanese origin (but that's not what surprises and scares me the most). I've also seen that in the newer episodes there are two lesbians (sailor Uranus and Neptune). Please tell your kids to avoid this show before they get involved.
Yomiko Moraboshi
Avoid—Personally, I think kids should avoid this show. It's not all bad, really. There are some good things to say about it: good vs. evil, etc. But the problem grows as the episodes progress. There are lesbian characters, homosexuals, transvestites and other gender-benders. The Sailor Scouts are usually wearing skirts that would reveal private body parts, if they actually had any. Another problem that is typical of programming like this that attracts children, regardless of whether it was intended to or not: children will look up Sailor Moon on the Internet and find a Pandora's box of filth. Fans of the show submit “fanfics” or stories about the cartoon characters. They often include grotesquely graphic lesbian scenes between the cartoon characters. I'm sorry I was ever ignorant enough to believe that a show that appears to be made for children is actually suitable for children. I'm also sorry that I believed that having an internet filter on my computer would filter out this kind of filth. It doesn't always. Better to not let your kids get hung up on the show.
Maria, age 37
Usually Okay—…I've been an anime fan for a long time and have seen many shows. The original Sailor Moon, the original Japanese version, is nothing at all like the American dub. There isn't a lot of girls shouting 'girl power' and prancing about. In fact, the creator is Christian, and is one of the 1% of Christian Japanese. The lead character is Christian as well in the comic which came before the anime; now she is leaning towards Christian but it isn't clearly told (as far as I know). As for the lesbian couple, Uranus and Neptune are *very* close and do have a romantic relationship in the Japanese anime, but they are cousins in the American cartoon. There is no point in the anime where the couple say 'Hey! I'm gay!' and there is no message saying that homosexuality is correct or wrong. In Japan, either you are gay or you aren't. Cultural difference is the main reason the two became cousins in the American dub. I believe that Takeuchi, the original creator of SM, wanted to show that we shouldn't hate or discriminate because a couple is of the same gender, that even with their flaws they can be good people. As for the elements, the girls are not worshiping nature. They are using things that God gave them to combat evil. They aren't into new age stuff with crystals, either. They use the crystals to transform, but not because they gain energy or power from these crystals. Only Sailor Moon uses the crystal for a long time while the others use henshin (transforming) sticks. These are not a thing of worship or anything similar, but are tools used by the holder. It's like saying this computer is an idol. I do not recommend the dub for anyone over 7 or so because it's so brainless, and I don't recommend the original for anyone under 13 because it has complex issues (like death and romance) that children can't comprehend as well as adults.
Sarah, age 19
Comments from young people
Caution—At first Sailor Moon seems like a fun, innocent show for kids. But I caution girls (and boys) to not get in to this show. I personally have seen (and own) some of the many Sailor Moon episodes. This show no matter how edited has a dark Japanese version. Almost all anime has at least some gayness in it. In Sailor Moon it is Michiru and Hichiru (English Michelle and Amora).
Rae, age 14
Usually Okay—I'm reviewing the Cartoon Network version. Sailor Moon is a really good story for girls because it has great role models for anyone. Salior Moon is a bit lazy, but she comes through for her friends. Venus wants to be a famous singer. Mercury is really smart girl who always is trying to get Serena to do her homework. Mars is a really hard worker. Jupiter is great fighter, and is also really good at cooking. I'm glad my sister likes this show. It has a lot of great lessons that tell kids to follow thier dreams.

If there are any Satanic things in this show, I haven't seen them. However, I wouldn't recommend the comic books to anyone under 13. While they are very good stories (better than the anime), they contain everything that was cut from the dub and more. Stay away if [you believe that homosexuality is morally wrong].
anonymous, age 17
…I have seen a lot of Japanese Anime, both in their dubbed and original forms, and usually the dub is safer (and more stupid as well), so when it comes to Sailor Moon, as with any anime, it depends on which one you are talking about. Unlike what one person said, the Sailor Senshi do not use nature or worship it to transform, they just use henshin (transformation) sticks to transform and special powers to fight, kinda like power rangers except without all the violence.

Okay, the rest might get confusing. When you see something in brackets, it means the negative aspect of the show was cut out in the dub. Confused? Good, let's move on. [There is some on rare occasions nudity. Think Barbie doll style. It is mostly when the senshi transform and they transform rarely as the series moves on.] [There are some gay characters, about one each season. Two of the Senshi are gay, but it is never said, it is just hinted at. There is no kissing or anything like that]…
Joseph Breen, age 14
…while the show *does* have some teen/adult material, that's because its--duh--just not meant for kids. In Japan cartoons are viewed by adults as well as children, and Sailor Moon, or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, as it is called in Japan, was a show made for older veiwers. It didn't become a kiddie show until DiC got their grubby paws on it, and wreaked havoc on Sailor Moon's good name for two whole seasons. Pioneer dubbed the three movies, and Cloverway (CWI) did Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S.

Yes, there are hermaphrodites, (Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye) and Fish Eye is a male, not a female, as he was changed to in the evil dub. (See, parents, it wasn’t a *she* going around topless in that one episode, it was a he and a bad dub!) Tiger's Eye is a little… feminine, true, but that's his personality. Okay, the Amazon Trio (Tiger's Eye & co.) *do* cross dress, but I find it hilarious, not offensive…
Sailor Star/AJ, age 13
…Michelle and Alamara (the two 'lesbians') were indeed lovers in the original, this isn't even the start of a bad translation, Fish-eye was a GUY; they really screwed this up, the only good I can see that came out of the dubbing company changing characters genders was when they changed Zoicite to a woman instead of a gay man. The sticks they use to transform aren't some kind of “idol,” they use them to transform as I use this keyboard to type like most animes, it has been billed as a show for 6-10 year olds, though when CWI got it, they set it for 6-13, boys and girls…that's how they got me to watch a few episodes.

I see nothing really evil about this show, it is apparently a fantasy world, and as for the kids finding those 'fanfics', it can get ALOT worse had they looked in the right places, but children that young shouldn't be online unsupervised in the first place.
Scott, age 14