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The Amazing Race

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Reality
Length: 1 hr.
viewer comments…
Caution—The idea of teams having to get to objectives is interesting and the places they visit are interesting. The last team to arrive is eliminated. However, it is a race with real people. There is foul language (they bleep the worst parts out) and hostility. A gay team calls another team the “Fatties”. So, you'll see underhanded tactics (stealing a cab from another team - thankfully, they were eliminated). Surprisingly, you do some teams helping others out. If you are looking for an alternative to Survivor, I prefer this one (and I'm not a fan of survivor).
Tim Emmerich, age 34
Usually Okay—I truly enjoyed this reality show. Unlike the "me, myself, and I" of Survivor or Big Brother, this show has teams of two, making teamwork a definite must. Watching the show had me always on the edge of my seat; however, I did not like seeing friends, spouses, etc. arguing. The show was actually educational as well. Moving from one part of the world to another, I learned quite a bit about the culture of various locals.
Alexandra, age 20
Comments from young people
Caution—This show might just be about a few couples wanting to win a million dollars…but I think it's more than that. A whole lot of backstabbing going on in the background, couples quarrelling all the time… but what I must say is that there's this group of Fraternity brothers who is always helping the mother daughter team… they ought to be praised… they didn't care if those two were going to be a strong rival against them… the only thing that's in their minds are that the mother and daughter team are their friends and therefore they should help them out. The other teams like the engaged couple were always quarrelling…and it's not very suitable for kids to actually view such things.
Grace Koh, age 17