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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.

Show Synopsis: (from Ken James) CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION focuses on the Las Vegas police department's graveyard shift case workers: Gil Grissom (head of the shift with the most experience of any of the workers), Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown, and Jim Brass. Usually the group handles a few different cases at once, trying to determine just how, why and by whom the victims were killed, or if their death was accidental.

viewer comments…
Caution—This is a terrific drama, best yet in fact! But there are some really graphic scenes with headless bodies plus scenes where the camera goes into the victim's wounds… but other than that it is a very well made drama!
Grace, age 18
Usually Okay—The best show on T.V.! The graphic nature of the show is as true to the real thing as it gets. Blood, wounds and criminal behaviour are a part of everyday life…
Paul Murphy, age 32
Sexual Content—The Nov. 15, 2001 airing of “CSI” had the most sexual content of any of the shows so far. This episode featured a murder within a sadomasochistic sex club, with the inner-workings of the club depicted to some degree for viewers. The dead body, an ever-present ingredient, showed more skin then usual too (including a breast-with-nipple shot). This episode would get into the “Avoid” category, though the rest of the series still seems to fit within the "Take Caution" warning.
Spotlight Editor
Caution—Though we first thought CSI was great and watched it every week, we are backing off from our initial enthusiasm. Graphic pictures of wounds and dead people have turned our stomachs. Then the episode about the brothel, with nudity and sexual abuse pictured, changed our minds completely. By the end of that episode, the madam of the brothel was being favorably compared to the main character, a mom just making a living and doing her best. We have stopped watching.
Marilyn Schlitz, age 55
Usually Okay—I enjoy any and all shows about forensics. I have not to date been offended by any of the shows since the series started. I have 3 children; 14, 12 & 6. The oldest one I would allow to watch the show, but he is not interested. My middle child is a girl and has watched it with both my husband & I and was not bothered by it at all - because it's REAL LIFE. I would NOT allow my youngest boy to watch it because he is too young to see death in the manner that it is portrayed on this show. Although real/true to life - he doesn't need to know that yet at 6 yrs old. The only thing I would ask in the future of the show; in reference to the breast/nipple shot, is in the beginning where they tell you "due to graphic language…" I wish they would have put "brief nudity" on that episode. I will continue to watch CSI until it goes off the air.
Lisa, age 36
Usually Okay—Although children would not understand most of what goes on in this show, it is a great one for you law enforcement watchers. I have had no problem with any episodes yet. They are all very interesting and insightful. But as for anything watch it for yourself and decide.
Jason Williams, age 26
Caution—An intriguing show that usually throws me for a few loops before the mystery is solved. This is a police drama with a twist: it showcases the Crime Scene Investigation unit that tries to figure out how someone died. In most shows, there is somewhat graphic displays of wounds up close and personal (sometimes too much).
Ken James, age 28
Caution—"…stomach-churning shock value…spoken out against rape, drug abuse, domestic violence, incest and violent crime…ugly, exploitative, gross, disrespectful of the dead…"
Steven Isaac, "Plugged In", Focus on the Family
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—I love CSI. Its the best criminal show on. I watch it every Thursday. The first time I watched it I was hooked. I never try to miss the beginning so I know what's going on. The show made me even wanna be a criminal scene investigator…
Lynette, age 14
Usually Okay—This is a good show and can be extremely interesting. Though the beginning is sometimes gory and quite scary I find myself hooked after the first 5 minutes. I have had nightmares afterwards 1 or 2 episodes. I would definitely recommend only pre-teens who are not easily influenced watch it. And any older is quite alright. Overall it is a great and suspenseful show.
Lauren, age 13
Usually Okay—One of the best shows on TV, and watch it as often as I can. I'm very critical of what I watch due to my convictions, and I hear from God on what I should and shouldn't watch. The nudity content is not out of context, being the corpse, during examination, and there is very little offensive language. To me, this show is better than 'Law and Order' and 'Crossing Jordan'.
Jennifer A., age 17
Usually Okay—This show rocks. CSI makes forensics entertaining, taking the viewer along for the ride, being able to go back and figure it all out in the end. In regards to any nudity on the show (the corpse with the nipple showing), it was only there to realistically portray an autopsy. It was in no way sexual (come on it was a corpse), and was only a piece of dead skin. Any violence in the show is only shown in a retrospective view of the events leading up to the investigation, and true they may be gory they are realistic. This show in no way supports the actions of the criminals or disturbed persons in the show. It merely uses realistic situations to make a great show. We as Christians shouldn't run away from a show because a naked dead body is shown, we should be prudent in not letting it influence us. CSI is a keeper.
Jordan Krahn, age 15
Usually Okay—I watch this show EVERY Thursday. It is the best mystery/drama show I have ever seen! Great acting, always a good story, & really great effects. Although you see some pretty graphic things sometimes during the autopsy, I think they are trying to make it as real as possible. I do not think the nudity that was in one episode was needed at ALL! But I haven't seen anything like that afterwards. The language is typical, but recently they have made sex a clue in some episodes, which I don't think they need. Otherwise, its a great show!
Davie Powers, age 14
Usually Okay—I love this show more than any other. It's the only one I'll watch--it's the real world. It's so educational that I did a presentation for my calculus class on crime scene reconstruction and got an A with info from the show. Plus, it has some good messages concerning self-image (season finale for season 2) and road rage, etc.
Female, age 18