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Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi
Length: 1 hr.
Tom Wellling in 'Smallville'

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) Before the legend… before the icon… there was a teenager named Clark Kent (newcomer Tom Welling). Someday, he'll master his powers and understand his true calling. For now, he just has to get through adolescence. This new interpretation of the enduring Superman mythology and its classic characters blends realism and adventure into an exciting action series.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—I think Smallville is the best show there is because there is a lot of suspense. The show is always interesting because I never get bored. I even got my sister to watch it. I think the idea of having a show about Superman is great because everyone wants to watch anything that has to do with Superman…
ovely aguilera, age 18
Usually Okay—This is a good show to watch with your teenagers because it enables you to spend time together and the storylines encountered by Clark, Chloe, Whitney, Lana, Sam and Lex are much like the issues teens go through in real life. Smallville is a good show because it is creative, thoughtful and intelligent. It has great special effects such as the episodes with the bees and the insects but the shows real strength is the writing. WB has scored a hit with this one.
C. Lovelass, age 30+
Usually Okay—I think this show is great. I am a comic book fan and it has been the only thing that could make me want to watch the WB up until this point. If you are familiar with Superman I highly recommend it. Some of the notorious WB stereotypes creep their way into the show, however, and this is the show's only low point in my opinion. These include the normal relationship/sexual tension themes and teen angst cliches, but if you can handle the semi-adult themes and enjoy the Superman story, I think this is a must-see.
Ben Tyler, age 19
Usually Okay—My husband and I both really enjoy Smallville and have seen every episode so far. We particularly enjoy watching the development of Clark & Lex's lives and friendship, knowing the future problems they will have. The writers have done a good job of throwing in some “teasers” or hints of Clark's coming role as Superman, such as when he was considering running for school president and Chloe asked him what kind of things he stood for, and he said, "Truth, justice, and… other stuff." Also, another episode's opening line (without the audience seeing who was saying this to Clark) was, "Clark Kent, I see you in a uniform flying some day." Turned out it was a US Air Force recruiter! Such things show attention to detail that we appreciate. The only caution I would give is the grossness of most of the villains so far. I wish they would show more “normal” bad guys, but instead our villains are people who become bugs and try to cocoon others, people who can create fire, etc.…
Rachel Stark, age 24
Usually Okay—This is a lot better than most programmes aimed at teenagers that are on TV at the moment. It doesn't really have any sexual content or bad language, but spiritually the feel is often dark and unpleasant so I should take care when watching it. Be ready to switch it off if you begin to feel uncomfortable…
Sarah Moore, age 21
Usually Okay—I watch this show on a regular basis and let me just say isn't it refreshing to watch a show and not be afraid of your parents coming in on some sex scene? Being the devout superman fan that I am I must say I am very impressed with approach it is unique and stimulating. I'd just like to say Bravo to the producer, creator and the writer of this show, you officially have a hit on your hands.
Charity Williams, age 18
Usually Okay—Pretty good show. One of my husband's and my favourite. I've always enjoyed Lois and Clarke and smallville depicts Clarke's life when he is younger. It's action packed and Clarke always saves the day. If you can, see it on WB.
Careta Grant, age 23
Usually Okay—I watch very few tv shows on a regular basis, but I try to watch this one. I regret having missed the very first episode, but have seen most of the others. Some have been not too good, but overall I enjoy the show. Good special effects and a different twist on the superman story.
Howard Fath, age 56
Usually Okay—The 21st century, youth-angst rendition of the Teen of Steel, not quite Superman, takes the latest television incarnation to a surprisingly creative spin. The production F/X are plentiful and elaborate. Young Clark Kent is not quite sure he appreciates the twists his powers place upon him. His arrival by space-craft resulted in the death of several Smallville, Kansas residents and in the mutation of others who encounter the radioactive Kryptonite meteor fragments. To accentuate the positive: the relationship with his adopted Earth parents, the value of sacrifice, and the concern for other's well-fare is strongly promoted. Some objections may lie in the violence and darkness surrounding the town's villains and radiation afflicted. Some immoral sexual content is shown on the part of the Luthor family, and language is moderate by today's standards. Comic book fans and Dawson's Creek watchers will probably be satisfied.
Dale Matheson, age 31
Comments from young people
Caution—Smallville started out as a really great show. The first season was really great with nothing very negative except for some violence and occasional profanity. Now, however, the show is changing directions for the second season. In one of the new shows they had Clark being attracted to this girl that dressed horribly and was swimming without a bathing suit top on in one seen. Even though though they just showed her back, it was still pretty offensive. She wasn't the only one. Every week now they either make sexual jokes or show girls with little clothing on. It's very disappointing.
Michelle Blanco, age 17
Usually Okay—This show would be really great if they would take out the swearing (even though I have a curse free tv). …this [show] only has a few [swears] and it is the only series my family watches that is good. So if you're not offended by swearing I strongly reccommend this series enjoy.
Laura, age 17
Usually Okay—It's the coolest show out right now. Anyone who thinks this show has a “dark” presence is just too cautious. The show has good morals and values while balancing out what a typical teenager goes through in high school. It can be racy at times but nothing objectionable. Overall a great show. Smallville is number one on my favorite TV shows list.
Nat Clubb, age 16
Caution—This is my absolute favorite show on television. I gave it a caution because there is once in a while light sexual themes and always violence. The sexual themes are usually not that bad, but still. I recommend this show for ages 14 and up.
Jonathan North, age 16
Caution—In the first season, Smallville was a pretty good show, although the shows started to get a bit repetitive after awhile. Now all the story lines are still all the same, and there is a lot more sexual jokes. Also, in the last episode, they had a girl on the show who could change into different people and changed into Lana's boyfriend. She was in love with Lana and was touching her. It was very gross. That is why you should take caution before getting too attached to this show.
Jenna Shew, age 15
Usually Okay—This show is much better than some of other shows out. The violence is reasonable and there is some language there and there, but it is a good family show, none the less.
A. Saputo, age 14
Usually Okay—This is an absolutely fantastic show! I never miss an episode and I enjoy every bit! The script is well written and the acting is perfect! The show expresses the heartache of a teenagers difference to other people such as a Christian to an unbeliever! The show can be sometimes violent and may contain some sexual content but the overall show cannot be missed!
Piper N., age 13
Usually Okay—Overall, I feel its okay to watch this show, especially if you happen to be a superman fan. Compared to most WB shows, I think its good because it doesn't have the same level of suggestive material/dialogue and rare profanity. The one issue would probably be some violence. Other then that it, it mostly seems to teach good values and relate to teenage issues. I thought it was especially interesting how in some episodes some of the teenage characters dealt with the death of their parents/adoption.
Sarah, age 16
Usually Okay—This show is insipid, poorly written, and is not much better than any of the other teen angst dramas on the WB…
Justin Nielsen, age 15
Usually Okay—Well, I have seen this show and I am very impressed that for once the WB has done something that isn't slutty and repulsive. This show is well directed, teaches good family values, and helps teens cope with the stress of everyday life.
Jacob, age 17
Caution—This is one of the best new shows. Though it is entertaining, some parents may object to the violence. On the plus side, there is no sexuality and almost no profanity. I've seen three episodes, and I noticed two foul words. So tune in to the WB on Tuesday nights at 7, you'll be in for a treat.
Dustin Foree, age 14
Usually Okay—It's a bird, it's a plane, It's a teenage superhero! I love this show, I have to admit, and I think it's worth seeing. I recommend it to teenagers and adults who like superman, or are just looking for something that's weird, has some suspense, drama, and just a story about a teenage guy who is growing up and learning to adjust to his new super powers. Positive elements: His relationship with his parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. He has a very cool relationship with his folks. While having an oppurtunity to maybe kiss his crush, Lana, who has a boyfriend, he declines knowing better. Saves people, cares about his friends, even Lex Luthor, his future enemy is good friends with Clark. Negative Elements: There are some parts that young kids shouldn't see. It does have some violence, and a lot of "Bad guys" who are usually out for revenge. In one episode, Lex's girlfriend asks when he is coming to bed. (you don't see anything) Overall, I think it's an okay show, altho parents can use some caution, either watching it with they're teenagers, or watching a few episodes before they're kids do. I wouldn't be too worried about it for mature teenagers at all.
Becky, age 14