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The Agency

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Gil Bellows, Rocky Carroll, David Clennon, Ronny Cox, Will Patton, Gloria Reuben, Paige Turco | Produced by: Radiant Productions and Studios USA in association with CBS Productions

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) Thrill-a-minute feature-film director Wolfgang Petersen (In the Line of Fire; The Perfect Storm) makes his foray into series television as the executive producer of THE AGENCY, a look at the high-stakes inner workings of the CIA and the ways in which its cases and investigations are handled. As directed by Mikael Salomon (acclaimed photographer of The Abyss and director of last year's series pilot for "THE FUGITIVE") THE AGENCY details the secrets of this very secret government bureau.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—I LOVE this show! Our family watches this every chance we get! We've seen just about every episode and I can say that there was only one show that was not appropriate for my kids to watch. I had to actually have the kids leave the room…I wanted to see how graphic this show got, (for future viewing info!). The scene was about the Agency “spying” on a hotel room were suspected terrorists were staying. One of the terrorists had a “guest” come to the room for sex. The sex scene showed no bare bodies, but did show the sexual act in the bed, (under sheets) along with very graphic sounds. Ever since that episode, I make sure I am always watching this show with my family!
Kim Jespersen, age 42
Caution—I admit I was drawn in by the high technology and seemingly unstoppable access of the CIA, but as the season progressed last year, there were scenes that had too much intimacy. It is pretty violent, which is true to life I am sure. Exercise caution.
Sharon, age 33
Usually Okay—I've caught a few episodes of this and so far have been pretty impressed. Some of the means they use as the CIA is morally questionable, but probably pretty realistic. One character, played by Will Patton (of Remember the Titans fame among other productions) is always the voice for morality and comes across rather well. This is an easier show to understand than “Alias”, where it is easy to get lost if you haven't followed the plot from the beginning. "The Agency" is also a feel good drama for Americans during this time of renewed national pride.
TC, age 28
Comments from young people
Caution—This is an awesome show. It is very interesting for anyone who is into espionage/spy stuff. The show is about the inner workings of the CIA and deals with all kinds of covert operations and situations. The acting is good, and the story is well-written, with excellent storylines for most shows. From a morality standpoint, the show is decent but not great. One show had semi-nudity and the latest episode I watched showed a couple London security guards checking out a prostitute with security cameras. Also, some of the CIA's operations are a little iffy, but I guess that part is pretty realistic and they had to put that in there. I would recommend it for adults and teens, but not for anyone younger. Overall, it is a wonderfully entertaining show.
Andrew Ledwith, age 15