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Malcolm in the Middle

Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Comedy
Length: 30 min.
viewer comments…
Usually Okay—Let's see 1. The family always eats together around the table - rare on TV these days. 2. The husband is filled with desire only for his wife, and is madly in love with her. 3. The parents argue, but they resolve their conflict with each other. 4. The kids believe they are smarter than their parents, yet the parents prove they know more than the kids. 5. Even though the boys fight with one another, the family pulls together in crisis. 6. The parents try to present a united front to the children- and they do not insult or put down each other. Is the show perfect? No. Is it always appropriate for all ages? Probably not. But this show is a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood drivel.
Jeff, age 35
Usually Okay—I completely love this show. The family is extremely dysfunctional, but it is basically just a parody that shows that nobody really knows how to parent anyway and they're basically just winging it. The only hope parents have is looking to God for guidance, so this is sort of a funny look at the chaos parents would have to go through if they tried to do it all on their own. The main theme of the show is that in all the fighting and bickering, you see that the family really loves each other. They're just kind of…weird.
Ben Tyler, age 19
Usually Okay—I'm sorry, but I love this show. It is an overly-dysfunctional family, kind of a live-action Simpsons. The boys are bad and always get caught or somehow reap what they sow. The mother makes me look at the way I talk to my children so that I won't ever be like her. And the husband is … well, he's priceless. It's not family friendly if you have small children, so we tape it and watch it later without the kids.
Laura, age 38
Avoid—This show features a chaotic family where the oldest son is sent away to military school for behavioral problems, the second oldest (Malcolm) is a genius and generally a good kid, the next child should be sent to military school with his older brother to avoid being arrested in the future, and the youngest is almost ignored. The parents are loud, unloving (most of the time) and centered on themselves and the rules “mom” shouts.
Kelly Cotte, age 22
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—Malcolm In The Middle is hilarious! I havn't seen a show this good before. I'd replace it with The Simpsons cuz it's got good humour with similar plots and is cleaner too. I'd give it a 8 out of 10 because even though it's funny, it still has a few flaws that makes it not recommended for kids 10 and under.
Sarah, age 13
Usually Okay—This is my fave shows though the family is a bit weird…but those episodes I have watched never were offensive…I must say, they have great child actors in this show.
Grace, age 18
Usually Okay—One of the funniest shows on TV. Great comedy that helps you just relax and enjoy unreality.
lana, age 16
Usually Okay—This is one of the funniest shows out there! This is usually a good show and it is about a “dysfunctional” family. I believe they are not dysfunctional at all. The family eats dinner every night together. I love how the kids are so crazy and yet their parents love them no matter what. The Mom is great and even though she has a few weird ways of dealing with them, they get the message and she doesn't break any laws. The oldest brother is sometimes questionable, he is a typical teenager who likes to cause trouble and acts like a normal rebellious teenager. Sometimes the things he does and how he acts aren't exactly role-model type things, he tries his best to be a good big brother. All in all, one of the best and funniest shows!
April, age 15