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Baby Bob

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Older Child to Adult
Genre: Comedy
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Elliott Gould, Adam Arkin, Holland Taylor, Joely Fisher, Marissa Tait
Baby Bob

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) A comedy about first-time parents who have an extraordinary six-month-old baby who talks like an adult

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—I saw this show heavily advertised for during March Madness and thought it looked cute. I finally got to see it twice, and since have not found when it was on! I do not know if it has been cut or not. But what I saw was actually quite good. When I was in high school I watched a fair amount of sitcoms, but over the last few years I don't even like to get a glimpse of one. However, what I saw of this one was refreshing and a far cry from the rest of the trash. I remember maybe one swear word in each episode, but no nudity, sex, PC, or Hollywood values. The first episode I saw basically centered around Baby Bob's dad and his relationship with HIS dad.

Apparently Bob's grandfather was still not dealing well with the death of his wife, and a touching scene at the end showed Bob's dad and grandpa caring for each other. The other episode did center around a sexual theme but in a “family” kind of way. :)

Basically, Bob's mom is too tired lately to be involved intimately with her husband because of the stresses [of the day. So they try a] little “experiment”. Not necessarily something I'd want my kids to see, but enjoyable as a married couple (in the same vein as, for instance, you might see in a skit of a humorous look at the sexual side of marriage at a Gary Smalley seminar).

It's possible that those 2 episodes were just gems amid a pile of trashy episodes. But so far, if this show is still on, I recommend watching it for a good 30 minutes of family humor and togetherness.
Rachel Stark, age 24