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Bram and Alice

Moral Rating: not yet rated
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Sitcom
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Alfred Molina, Traylor Howard, Roger Bart, Katie Finneran, Michael Rispoli | Produced by: Paramount Network Television

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) BRAM AND ALICE is a comedy about the shaky relationship between an incorrigible scoundrel of a novelist and his devoted fan, who suddenly learn they are father and daughter. Bram Shepherd (Alfred Molina) is a renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning author who has coasted on his reputation for years, but is still required reading on campuses throughout the country. Alice O'Connor (Traylor Howard) is an idealistic young woman on the verge of abandoning her dream of becoming a writer and returning to Vermont when she learns that her idol, Shepherd, is her father. Their first meeting is a disaster: Bram inadvertently confesses he never wanted a child and barely remembers he ever fathered one. Alice perceives Bram as a fast-talking, hard-drinking woman-chaser, all of which he is. Nonetheless, they decide to forge a relationship and Alice agrees to move into Bram's New York apartment. Also in their world are Paul Newman (Roger Bart), a level-headed assistant who tries to keep Bram on an even keel; Michael (Michael Rispoli), a former Catholic priest who serves cocktails along with wry advice in the bar on the ground floor of Bram's apartment building; and Katie (Katie Finneran), an eccentric, self-centered neighbor with a mysterious Japanese boyfriend. Now that a new page has been turned, Bram and Alice will have to make some adjustments in order to write the next chapter in their very different lives, or, at least, to get along as father and daughter and roommates.

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