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Raising Dad

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Comedy
Length: 30 min.
Bob Saget in 'Raising Dad'. Copyright The WB.

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) High school is tough enough without the embarrassing cringe factor of your dad being one of the teachers. Emmy, Peabody and CableACE Award winner Jonathan Katz (Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist) brings his heralded wit to this new comedy, which was developed with the support of the Family Friendly Forum's script development fund. Between family melodrama and the traumas of teenhood, there is little sanity in sight.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—This show is definitely on the clean side. Bob Saget has once again chosen a winner. Raising Dad follows closely in the steps of Full House. I find Full House more enjoyable, but this show isn't too far behind.
Dustin Foree. age 14
Usually Okay—I thought this was a pretty funny show with very little objectionable content. It's about a dad (Bob Saget) who is raising his two daughters with the help of his father. Very “Full House” but more up to date and funnier. The father has a very open relationship with his daughters and they are able to talk to him. Most of the humor comes from the fact that the dad is a teacher at his teenage daughter's school and he is constantly embarrassing her in class. I think this is something all teenagers can relate to. I highly recommend this show.
Megan, age 18