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Just Cause

Moral Rating: not yet rated
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Khaira Ledeyo, Lisa Lackey, Mark Hildreth, Richard Thomas, Roger Cross, Shaun Benson | Produced by: Minds Eye Pictures

Show Synopsis: (from Charity Bishop) A TV show that clearly plays off the popularity of Erin Brockovich, "Just Cause" is about an ex-con in search of her criminal husband, who framed her for embezzlement and took off with their four-year-old daughter Mia. Having studied law in prison, she joins up with a the law firm of Whitney & Morgan in an attempt to "fight for the underdog."

The original two-hour premier of this Pax TV series had me wondering. It slung around sexual innuendo on a regular basis, but thankfully the rest of the first season is reasonably intact. Immodest clothing and minor innuendo, along with mild profanity, intrude now and again, but overall the message is positive, the characters engaging, and the law suits memorable. It's a show whose episodes you need to watch twice, since the stories are fast-paced.

Not for younger kids, since the cases involve rogue cops, drug dealers, insurance scams, and sometimes murder. It's also a little "left-wing" overall, with the big businesses (and sometimes the government) playing the villain. But older (14+) will find it an engaging ride.

viewer comments…
Caution—Everyone in my family is a Christian, and we watched very little television (due to the lack of decent programming) until we discovered PAX TV. However, we were shocked with the fist episode of PAX's new legal drama, “Just Cause.” Unlike other PAX shows, “Just Cause” contained offensive language and sexual dialogue—a far cry from the show we were expecting from "the little network that wants to clean up television!"

While this show is no doubt much better than most other legal television shows, we certainly do not recommend it!
Christie Evans, age 18