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Dog Eat Dog

Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Reality
Length: 1 hr.
Hosted by: Brooke Burns

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) The game begins with six players spending the day learning each other's strengths and weaknesses in a "boot camp" environment. Then it's into the studio, where the battle for $25,000 begins. Host Brooke Burns presents all six players with a physical or mental challenge to be completed in a certain time limit by one player. As a group, players must vote for who they think is least likely to complete the task. If the selected player does indeed fail, he or she is eliminated. If he or she succeeds, that player gets to send one of the other players to the "dog pound."

viewer comments…
Avoid—While I have been entertained by the show a few times as challenge type shows go (we generally enjoy Fear Factor), nearly every time has a portion where I need to turn off the TV if my children, 3,6,9, are nearby. Skimpy bikinis and cleavage are typically present, along with "strip poker" type of challenges. Some contestants refuse to go past a decent exposure point, while others flaunt it to the max (it is blurred in necessary areas).

I have stopped watching the show myself to avoid supporting such material and to prevent my children getting interested as they also are intrigued by Fear Factor.
Terri, age 35
Caution—This show is filled with mean-spiritedness between contestants, skimpy clothing worn sometimes by the contestants and always by the female host, and at least one "strip-tease"- type challenge for one contestant which sometimes results in that contestant ending up partially or totally nude (it is blurred and the contestant has full control over how much they are willing to remove).
Jason Hubred, age 30