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Presidio Med

Moral Rating: not yet rated
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Medical Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Blythe Danner, Dana Delany, Anna Deavere Smith, Sasha Alexander, Julianne Nicholson, Oded Fehr, Paul Blackthorne | Produced by: Lydia Woodward Productions, John Wells Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) PRESIDIO MED is a medical drama about a team of hard-working physicians who run a tight-knit medical group adjacent to a hospital in San Francisco. At a time when the world of medicine is becoming more impersonal, the doctors at Presidio Medical Group set bureaucracy aside and put their patients first, forming trusting, long-term relationships. They are Dr. Harriet Lanning (Blythe Danner), a veteran ob/gyn who still loves getting up in the middle of the night to deliver babies; Dr. Rae Brennan (Dana Delany), an oncologist with a passionate, adventurous side; Dr. Letty Jordan (Anna Deavere Smith), a headstrong, in-your-face cardiologist; Dr. Jackie Colette (Sasha Alexander), a brash young plastic surgeon; Dr. Jules Keating (Julianne Nicholson), a confident and fiercely independent pediatrician; Dr. Nicholas Kokoris (Oded Fehr), a surgeon who has just moved to San Francisco from Greece to join Presidio Med--and to hopefully continue an affair with one of the group's married physicians; and Dr. Matt Slingerland (Paul Blackthorne), a handsome renegade internist with a tendency to bend the rules. Although their personal beliefs, unique experiences and medical specialties are sometimes at odds, each of these professionals is committed to going beyond the examining table and connecting on a more personal level in support of their patients.

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