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Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Ted Levine
viewer comments…
Usually Okay—I am truly sorry to see this show cancelled. I can't understand why the network would, when leaving so many other shows that are just plain stupid or very filthy. Monk shows us that there are people in the world that have foibles yet manage to survive in their day to day life, and at the same time be very funny. There is also an element of compassion as shown by the pretty assistant who does her best to help this man whilst letting him remain a genius.
Christian Beck, age 64
Usually Okay—I really liked this show! I guess it has been cancelled and that is too bad. It reminded me of the old “Columbo” tv show where the detective appears to be dumb and slow witted - but is smart as a tack. It was a funny show too. Sorry to see this one go.
Pat Snell, age 56
Usually Okay—I have enjoyed each of the episodes thus far. I really like the main character. So far I don't think I have encountered any objectionable content.
Tim Miller, age 42
Usually Okay—This is just a wonderful show. In the tradition of Columbo, Tony Shaloub portrays Adrian Monk - a quirky former police detective who is trying to rebuild his life after a breakdown 2 years ago. He is an extremely intelligent, extremely observant detective, but he has all sorts of mental and emotional problems that he has to deal with. The simplest description of his problems is to say that he is an obsessive-compulsive nervous hypochondriac. Everything needs to be perfect and in the right place. Nothing can be dirty. People usually make him nervous. He can't stand the idea of having germs on him, so he carries around (or has someone carry around for him) wet-naps so that he can wipe off his hands quickly. His personal belongings are neatly folded and placed in ziplock bags. Etc. It's fun to watch him deal with these problems and also to watch others around him react to him doing so. The mysteries are intriguing, yet easy to follow. The solutions, while often as quirky as Monk, make sense. The overall content of the show is very non-offensive. There is some “PG” type language and violence, but very little (if any) sexual content. Each episode is filled with many humorous moments, but none are ever mean or derogatory. This is definitely a show that the entire family (except for younger children) can enjoy, which is a VERY welcome change from filthy shows like "NYPD Blue" and "Will and Grace." More people should praise networks that air family-friendly shows like "Monk."
Jason Hubred, age 30