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Crossing Over

Moral Rating: Avoid
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Talk Show
Length: 30 min.
Hosted by: John Edwards

Show Synopsis: (from Quinton) John Edward is the host of this psychic talk show on the Sci-Fi channel. On this program John tries to communicate with friends or family that have died or "crossed over" for an audience member.

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What does the Bible say?

Can people really communicate with the dead? Answer

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Avoid—Many people are being mislead by this show and man. This is new-age religion, which is really as old as Satan. I find it offensive, but more than that, I pray for the many thousands being lied too by this show and John Edwards. He needs delivered! It is sad when so many today lack the Spirit of Discernment.

1 John tells us to test every spirit and to recognize those who acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and the Son of God, and to avoid those who do not.
Lucille, age 53
Avoid—While Scripture is clear that this kind of nonsense should be avoided, this man is a fraud from an “Earthly” perspective as well. I have yet to see an interview with him where he does not throw a hissy fit & stomp off when challenged by the interviewer. I think he's hearing voices all right—they are coming from his bank account & telling him to make money off of hurting people.
Theresa Krakausks, age 44
Avoid—I have no doubt that Mr. Edwards is hearing voices telling him things to say. My question is whether he is even aware of where these voices are originating. The saddest thing of all is that Mr. Edwards himself is obviously deceived by Satan to think he not only talking with the spirits of the dead but is also helping others. Spirits indeed, but none I with which I would want to have any conversations. Talk about opening a door! Mr. Edwards needs much prayer, especially for protection!
Avoid—This is manipulation and exploitation at its worst… Remember, satanists don't need to convince you to worship satan to fulfill their goals, only to denounce Jesus Christ.
Eldridge Mount, age 24
Avoid—This show is yet another Satanic attempt to prove that the Bible is full of old and outdated ideas, (irrelevant). All the information available to its host could easily be given him from demonic beings.

I Timothy 4:1: "Now the spirt expressly says that in the last days many will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons". If this show is not promoting "doctrines of demons", I don't know what is.

On this program we are told that ALL people go to this wonderful place and they are alright. "See Jesus is NOT the only way, after all I saw it on Crossing Over, we need not repent of our sins."

In one episode a daughter was talking about her father who was very anti-religious, but of course he (demons pretending to be him) "came through" and told her not to worry. everything was just fine, and by the way thank you for your prayers.

"They've brought me comfort on the other side". From the approval of homosexuality and sexual immorality to (so called) communicating with the dead. These are things our father has warned us against. A Christian should ALWAYS be on guard. For our enemy seeks not to loose you from bondage, but to entangle and destroy you! It is not fitting for a child of God to be playing in the camp of the enemy. Do not be pulled in by “curiosity”.

2 Timothy 2:19: "let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity".
Jason Petersen, age 32
Avoid—Every Christian should avoid this show for the sheer fact that the bible tells us to stay away from seances. What this John Edward's does is not godly and should not be believed. I feel sorry for the people that he cons into believing him. If you want real answers turn to the bible and Jesus Christ instead!
Jennifer Conway, age 23
Avoid—This show is fraud and spiritually deceiving. When someone dies they go to heaven or hell. The Bible does not give any accounts of humans communicating with the dead.
Comments from young people
Avoid—This show has John Edwards trying to con people into believing he can really do this stuff. He can't. Trust me. I used to do this stuff as well. John Edwards uses a simple trick known as cold reading. It involves making guesses that seem accurate, but can really apply to anyone.

He also uses the technique of fishing: Telling the victim to give him information and then tell it back to them in an amusing way and different way. Then there involves guessing. Then the edit room so it seems John is more accurate than he really is. John could also be using hot reading.

People who were in the audience had to wait 2 hours before the show started. He could have listened to conversations they were having about dead relatives and stuff. Trust me. This guy is fake… Avoid the show.
Cornelius Christian, age 14
Avoid—This show is extremely satanic. The host, using his psychic powers, actually talks to dead people on the show. I watched a few minutes of it before I knew what it was about, but once I fugured it out, I was disgusted. Christians should not even be entertained by stuff of this nature. I want to warn people to stay away from this show…
Stephanie Swan, age 16