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The Guardian

The Guardian
Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Simon Baker, Dabney Coleman, Alan Rosenberg, Charles Malik Whitfield, Erica Leerhsen, Raphael Sbarge | Produced by: Columbia TriStar Television & CBS

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) Nick Fallin (Baker) is a hot-shot thirty-something lawyer who's arrested for using drugs and sentenced to perform community service. While continuing to close lucrative deals at his father's ultra-successful law firm, Fallin & Associates, Nick is forced to work for a child advocacy office run by Alvin Masterson (Rosenberg), a boss who plays by the rules and is determined to keep Nick honest. There he also works with child advocate James Mooney (Whitfield).

Though his father, Burton (Coleman), waivers between pride and concern over his son's work performance, Nick attempts to appease him and the firm's high-paying clients while devoting his time to a place where he can help those truly in need. Straddling two vastly different worlds, Nick is determined to maintain his fast-paced lifestyle as he tackles cases involving kids caught up in difficult circumstances. Nick is joined at Fallin & Associates by his assistant Amanda Bowles (Leershen), and colleague, Jake Straka (Sbarge).

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—…The interesting thing about this show is that it portrays a troubled young man realistically - someone who is striving to be a better person and yet sometimes comes undone or falls back on old habits. Something we can all relate to. I certainly recommend it.
Laurentia Maycombe, age 26
Avoid—I liked this TV show at first but the star of the show is [within the show] having sex without being married. In love with a women who is engaged and occasionally does drugs.
Dolores, age 38
Usually Okay—I am a minister [and] the shows I watch on the one TV Channel that I have is JAG and The Guardian. Jag is getting old but it is still pretty good. Now concerning The Guardian. It is a good show compared to what is on TV … that includes the rest of the channels that I do not have. The only issue that I have with the show at this point is sex. That is, sex before marriage, which is a sin. Considering our sin cursed world, I am thankful that the show has discreet sex, to say the least. The show is real and has heart. I pray that the shows producers do not sell out for higher ratings and make it so I and other sin conscience Christians can not watch it. I am not a parent but I would suggest that the show is for teenagers to Adults.
David, age 25
Usually Okay—Unfortunately, Beck's observation was incorrect in Nick Fallin's “hitting” on the gay teen. While I don't necessarily agree with the story's portrayal of placing the teen into the care of a homosexual couple, I would have liked to have seen the story instead portray a “Christian” couple or a couple who loved the teen, in spite of his sexual orientation.
Logan, age 37
Avoid—I was appalled at last nights show. Nick is hitting on a 16 year old gay teenager that he is assigned to and then encourages him to stay with a gay men couple instead of what the court says or his mother. This is supposed to continue on next week. Unbelievable! (Jan 2, 2002)
Pat Beck, age 52
Usually Okay—Did you watch the same show I watched? Nick did not hit on the gay teenager. The teenager hit on him, and Nick quite clearly rejected him and did his duty as the boy's “guardian”. There is no indication that Nick is gay, anyway. I have seen the first five shows and he has slept with women only (two, so far).
Sara Corrman, age 33, non-Christian
Usually Okay—I have been watching this show since it premiered on T.V. I really enjoy it. I hope they don't cancel it next year. There isn't many shows I like to watch anymore. (Dec. 28. 2001)
Linda Hall, age 54
My husband and I have been watching this show since the premier and now we look forward to every Tuesday night so we can see it again! I'm not sure it would be for small children, however, I don't believe there is much questionable about the content. Check it out --- it's "date night" for us!
Stephanie, age 35