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Judging Amy

Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr.
Starring: Amy Brenneman, Tyne Daly, Richard T. Jones, Marcus Giamatti, Jessica Tuck, Karle Warren, Jillian Armenante, Kevin Rahm | Produced by: Barbara Hall/Joseph Stern Productions, CBS, & Twentieth Century Fox Television

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) Drama starring Amy Brenneman ("NYPD Blue") as a single mother who has left New York behind and become a family court judge in Hartford, Connecticut. Recently divorced and raising her young daughter Lauren (Karle Warren), Judge Amy Gray has moved in with her very opinionated mother, Maxine (Tyne Daly); re-established a friendship with her free-spirited brother, Vincent (Dan Futterman); her older brother, Peter (Marcus Giamatti), and his wife, Gillian (Jessica Tuck), and is continuing to make her fresh start work.

Judging AmyAssisting Amy in the courtroom are her court services officer, Bruce Van Exel (Richard T. Jones), and her overeager court clerk, Donna Kozlowski-Pant (Jillian Armenante). JUDGING AMY, based on the real-life story of Brenneman's mother, is about three generations of women living together as they confront the personal and professional dilemmas in their changing challenging lives.

viewer comments…
Caution—When it began, it was trustworthy. Amy's CSO, Bruce, was a rather outspoken (in his own quiet way) Christian. Several times, he advised Amy that peace comes only from a relationship with God. I agree that now, it is not a show that can be trusted to show good moral values. There can be a great point made in the courtroom, then it flashes over to someone in bed with someone they just met. I no longer allow my grand kids to watch Amy unless I have seen the episode first. I sometimes tape it for review.
Pam, age 52
Avoid—This show started out okay. But then the lead character Amy started sleeping with another judge. Also her apprentice slept with a women and her daughter walked in on him going to the bathroom. Sex without marriage--what a shame it has come down to that.
Dolores, age 38
Avoid—I recently saw an episode of Judging Amy where they had school Christian group which was had eggs thrown at them by 2 young student men. The lawyer representing the 2 men stated that the boys were “offended” by the Christian group - so they threw eggs at them. He also drew a comparison to Hitler and the Christian group. There was the proverbial "wacko - dorky" Christian man in the back of the court room who objected to Christians being compared to Hitler and she shut him down and made him look like he better keep quiet or big brother will come down on you! More and more Judging Amy tries to demonstrate successful independence from God.
Jeff Hack, age 31
Usually Okay—Amy and Tyne Dailey are so great together. It reminds us of our own mother/daughter relationship many times. Serious, but funny too. This is a good show which should have the opportunity to continue.
Claudia and Peggy, ages 59 and 80