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The Osbournes

Moral Rating: (Not Yet Rated)
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Reality
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne, Melinda Varga
The Osbournes

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) The Cleavers, the Bradys, the Cosbys…and now the Osbournes. It's the next generation of family-oriented sitcom, a reality-based comedy that follows the lives of Ozzy Osbourne and his family. There's no script, the situations are real, the family is normal…well, sort of.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—My wife, son and myself have just viewed a few episodes of the 'The Osbourne' TV show. We are very strong Christians that feel a real burden of the Lord to pray for this family for their salvation! I came out of a very rock n' roll' [I played heavy rock in many bands in New York] free love, love to fight, drug-drenched, occult background! In true comparison to the Osbournes, my lifestyle was much more violent and degenerative! I can totally relate to this family. I would love to sit down with them over a cup of coffee and share the Lord Jesus Christ's unconditional compassion and love! John 3:16-17.

This family shows more hospitality to friends and strangers then some believers and ministers that I've met in the past! It is evident that they really love one another! Ozzie seems overwhelmed on his position as 'dad' and 'husband' at times. We as true believers in Christ must stand in the gap and pray without ceasing until the Osbournes truly get saved! I believe they are searching for the true peace and satisfaction that only comes from having a one-on-one relationship with the True and Living God!

Let's do what Jesus said, until the trumpet sounds! Mark:16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. I leave you all with this powerful scripture, God Bless!

2 Peter:3:9: The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
Joe Russo, age 52
Caution—This show should be watched by teens with their parents present because the parents in the show really care about their children even if they are not always the best role models. One time Ozzy states to his children the importance of not doing drugs by saying to look how doing drugs has damage his brain. One time Jack's parents take away a knife given to the him as a Christmas present by his friend. Both parents showed disapproval with their daughter for getting a tattoo because it will be on her forever and she is too yong to make those kind of judgments at her age. Search for the good examples of a family staying together and loving one another, even if it is not one of traditional family values.
Tanya Harmon, age 27
Caution—I agree with Donna's comments noted below. I am praying for the Osbournes and am excited about the tremendous impact Sharon & Ozzy will have turning to God in response to Sharon's cancer, etc. Do you think it's just some odd coincidence that Sharon Osbourne called their former neighbor, Pat Boone, "a lovely man" and was obviously sincere? God has put people in their paths that will minister to them and we all need to be supporting that effort with our prayers.
Marlene Downs, age 50
Usually Okay—I am not really sure what shoe 'Barbie' watched, but I have seen them all, and Ozzy's children never made a remark about living in a 'godless' household. If you really think Ozzy does not believe in God, check out his newest album, and many of his older songs. You will be surprised. I find it ironic the some Christians will put down the Osbournes, considering he has shown more "family values' than the right-wing darling Newt Gingrich. Ozzy is supporting his wife during cancer treatments, not filing for divorce, as Newt did.
Jim Kegelmyer, age 31
Caution—…I love the reality of the show. I'm a Christian and I happen to listen to Ozzy, great musician, and cool music. I heard about the show way in advance and of course had to see the first episode. I never missed a show. Sorry, so I loved it…
Martin, age 28
Caution—My take on this reality T.V. show is one of mixed emotions. I see a family attempting to love each other in a lost and confusing way. I see a family that desperately needs God in their lives and I honestly believe that we should be actively praying for their salvation. Yes, even Ozzy can be redeemed by the Lamb. As someone who has been sober for 18 years and led a rather stormy life in my youth, I can empathize with their struggles. The sad thing is that they seem so oblivious to the condition of their souls. I did see Ozzy cross himself before a concert on one show, so their seems to be some foundation of sorts that has been laid in years past. The wonderful irony to this troubled family is that Pat Boone (a dedicated Christian) is their neighbor. Go Pat! I watch and I pray as I see humankind revealed on the small screen. I encourage you to pray for the Osbournes and see them through the eyes of our heavenly Father who loves them and wants to see them reconciled to him! Wouldn't it be fantastic if they actually began to exibit the dealings of the Holy Spirit in their lives right on television! What a testimony! Would ratings drop? Perhaps, but maybe some would be saved because of the Osbournes. I feel compassion towards them and I for one have accepted them as neighbors who just need to be loved. Think about it. What would Jesus do if he could visit with the Osbournes for even thirty minutes?
Donna Kafer, age 50
Avoid—I only watched this show once, and I couldn't even stomach an entire show's worth. It was a great picture of what a family is like when it rejects godly and biblical values and morals. The children don't respect the parents, the parents seem to have not taught the children decency as far as language goes (profanity abounds), and there seems to be constant conflict going on continually. If this is the kind of family harmony fame and wealth brings, the Osbournes can have it.
Jeff Dykes, age 38
Usually Okay—I think the Osbournes provide an alternative for late night TV people such as my self. I am a devout Christian consistently seeking the face of God. I do enjoy this show because it is real. I am not a fan of Survivor or those type of reality type shows but The Osbournes caught my eye. Humorous and very revealing and eventful. This show shows a side to a person that people admire. I wish Ozzy was a Christian or would say it if he was but I'm cool with him for now.
Nicholas, age 20
Caution—I allowed my pre-teen to watch every episode to show her what drugs, sex and a Godless lifestyle does to a family. There is one episode where they have a family meeting and one of the children ask their parents…What do u expect of us with the Godless way you have raised us?? Something to that effect anyway. I used this show as a tool to discuss many behaviors I do not want my children involved in and it worked wonderfully. After all was said and done my child was totally unimpressed with the Osbournes and even felt sorry for them. While the other kids at school were talking about how funny the show was my child was telling them how terribly SAD she thought it was.
Barbie, age 39
Avoid—I watched this show for approx. 3 minutes. TV has reached a new low. I only sat down to watch it because everyone was talking about it. I would avoid it, don't let your children watch it. Vulgar lanquage, the characters can not even finish a sentence with out being “bleeped” for the lanquage, including the children. I hear it was renewed for another season…it is disgusting.
Cheryl, age 46
Avoid—My opinion is that this show should be taken off the air as soon as possible… It's not humorous and I find it extremely offensive.
Travis, age 19
Comments from young people
Caution—Well, it's gotta lot of swearing, and hey, the children are selfish. Basically everyone is living for what is number one in their lives, themselves and not Jesus. I watched all the episodes, but I didn't watch them for a good moral message, clearly you aren't going to find one from The Osbournes. The show is basically about how dysfunctional The Osbournes are. Personally I find it funny when Ozzy can't work the TV remote, who wouldn't? How about when he threw the log at the window? Sure, it wasn't cool, but how could you not chuckle? Ozzy may not be a Christian, but he's a funny man. I'd rate this show as caution because it's not for the easily offended. It's definitely not a show to model your life after, but it's not a show you shouldn't enjoy. It's not meant to be taken seriously… Maybe we can all learn from The Osbournes, and be completely opposite from them.
J., age 16