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Life With Bonnie

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Sitcom
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Bonnie Hunt, Mark Derwin, David Alan Grier, Marianne Muellerleile, Anthony Russell, Samantha Browne-Walters, Charlie Stewart Chris Barnes, Holly Wortell
viewer comments…
Usually Okay—My wife and I love this show. We quickly became Bonnie Hunt fans after watching the movie "Return To Me." This show is pleasant, funny and original. It is very family oriented and we have yet to see anything objectionable.
Tim Miller, age 42
Usually Okay—Wonderful show! Bonnie Hunt has come up with a winner of a show. It's very clean and a great show for families to watch together. I've heard Bonnie is Christian too!!!
Jennifer Conway, age 24
Usually Okay—I have watched several episodes and I have yet to see anything but good clean fun. The show deals with real issues and makes us laugh while they resolve them. Life with Bonnie promotes a positive and Christian-like lifestyle (mostly without overt Christian references). In one show the family discusses God at the breakfast table--the show ends with Bonnie singing "Oh Happy Day" on her morning show set with a church choir. Although this episode did poke a little fun at TV church, When is the last time anyone saw Worship music played on national television? Everyone in that set was jammin' to the music and having a good time. I love this show. I find it refreshing, entertaining and relatable. …
Susan Parker, age 31
Usually Okay—This show is a riot…I made my husband watch it and he liked it too, and said, "No wonder you like it…it's like life with you!" Nice humor, clean, fun family.
Chelle, age 50
Usually Okay— I have not had a problem watching this TV show, and it is one of the few shows that you do not have to watch with caution. I am very glad to see Bonnie Hunt on TV; I think she is a great acctress and a very natural comedienne!
Kathy Bruce, age 34
Usually Okay— Portrays a loving family who treat each other with respect, going about their daily lives. Funny and enjoyable for the whole family.
M. Vaughan
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—I have never heard a single offensive phrase in this show. It is a great show and is funny too. Funny and Clean- a rare combination these days.
Chris, age 14
Usually Okay—This show is funny at times, and Bonnie Hunt does some great acting. It's clean too. Definitely worth checking out.
Dustin Foree, age 15