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Will & Grace 1998-2020 (246 episodes)

Moral Rating: Avoid
Primary Audience: Adult
Genre: Comedy
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally, Shelley Morrison | Produced by: KoMut Entertainment & Three Sisters Entertainment & NBC

Show Synopsis: (from the producer) Will Truman (Eric McCormack) and Grace Adler (Debra Messing) are best friends and neighbors in this adult comedy about two people who seem perfect for each other but can never actually find romance together because Will is gay and Grace is straight…

On the show, Will is a successful Manhattan lawyer—likable, handsome and charming—who recently ended a long-term relationship. Likewise, Grace is a beautiful, self-employed interior decorator. They both love French films, poker night with the guys and the home version of “The $10,000 Pyramid.” Will and Grace have been friends for a long time, and though they're both looking for love, they long ago accepted the fact that there will be no romance between them. As a result, they face life’s ups-and-downs together, knowing they will always have each other to lean on.

viewer comments…
Avoid—I must be totally hypocritical here: I've watched the show; I am a Christian; and I've laughed & laughed. I should not be watching the show because then I am subconsciously condoning the dangerous message that homosexuality is okay. It's not! I understand that only the love of God & the truth of Jesus' gospel can convert any sinner…
Ty, age 23
Avoid—I watched this show the other night and I was appalled. The character Jack (played by an actor who went to my college) especially is bad because he is the “funniest” gay character and is therefore the most appealing to young children. Also, he is played by a handsome young man, … I fought to suppress my attraction to him. I am a reformed homosexual who is now married to a wonderful woman, and people like me don't need such horrible filth on TV to tempt us back into sin.
Eric Ellington, age 20
Avoid—My main problem is not that the show has homosexual characters. My main problem is that this has got to be the least funny sitcom on television. I mean, it is totally not funny. The laugh track starts, and I'm wondering, “What was supposed to be funny?”

After that, this show follows the general trend of detaching action from consequence. Whether hetero or homosexual sex, drug use, prostitution, or whatever sin-de-juer of the elite left is presented this way, it further contributes to the devastation of our culture. God has given our great nation its many gifts for a purpose, a purpose we continue to reject. How long will it be until the land "vomits us out?"
Greg Bledsoe, age 28
Avoid—This is yet another show where the homosexual lifestyle is openly promoted. In Leviticus 18:22, God calls this 'detestable'. If you can approvingly watch a show about what the Divine Creator of the Universe calls 'detestable', you need to seriously re-examine your outlook.
Joe Clark, age 31
Avoid—Hollywood continues to try to convince us, often with humor, that homosexuality is an accepted way of life. Pretty actors, funny lines, and a prime time viewing spot. Read Philippians 4:8 and then try to rationalize watching this show.
Kim, age 40
Caution—This is one of my guilty pleasures, where I excuse it with the “hate the sin love the sinner” approach. The show's acceptance of homosexuality is decidedly non-Christian; the excellent cast, truly funny jokes, and intelligent dialog is hard to pass up. Can I appreciate these people, but disapprove of their lifestyle? I think so. The show is candy - don't make a meal of it, but just enjoy it for what it is - a fun treat. Not recommended for kids.
Dana Kuznar, age 35
Avoid—Based on gay man living with straight woman. Much discussion on sexual topics.
Beth, age 28
Usually Okay—While W&G is hardly a show for anyone under 17, it is no more adult than FRIENDS and is a whole lot funnier. The show dispels the myth that every homosexual is a sex crazed pervert bent on converting and corrupting our youth. If anything, the show focuses on true friendship. Will Truman and Grace Adler really love each other and sometimes that means telling each other the truth in love. They are the show's straight characters (no pun intended, really; that would be too easy) and their best friends, Jack and Karen, respectively, are the crazy characters with the outrageous antics. Jack IS your stereotypical homosexual with flaming personality and all. When he asks “Grace, did you know I was gay when you first met me?” and Grace without skipping a beat replies, “My dog knew!” We all can agree with her. Karen is the rich assistant that “works” for Grace as a hobby and is always telling Grace what to wear and how to act in order to find her a boyfriend. The characters are all fully rounded and fleshed out. Even Jack and Karen, who on any other show might be 2 dimensional and played just for laughs. As mentioned before, this is a show for older teens and adults. In short, if you have no problem with FRIENDS then give W&G a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Marvin Morley, age 33