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Politically Incorrect

Moral Rating: Avoid
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Talk Show
Length: 1 hr.
Host: Bill Maher
viewer comments…
Avoid—Should be titled "Politically Correct, but Filthy". Although I enjoy seeing Godly people doing an excellent job of defending their Christian faith, it is not worth wading through the filth. Usually, three of the guests are of the liberal slant. Bill Maher and his three like-minded friends hurl insults at the conservative or Christian.
M.J. Riley, age 38
Comments from young people
Caution—Although Bill Maher may be funny at times, he has some real distortions of who Jesus is and what Christians are all about. He basically just takes all the typical stereo types of Christianity and throws them out there on the show. Once when discussing wars that were started in the name of religions, he was quick to mention the “Crusades” and the "Spanish Inquisition" as to say Christians have started their own fair share of wars. Sometimes the show can be really good, but the other times it just ridiculous, because most of the times when Christians come on to the show they are not ready to defend their faith and Bill shuts them down. And even in one instance when there was a really great pastor on there who did know his stuff, he was surrounded by a Rabbi, a Mullah, and and Atheist, who always got the louder cheer when they said something the crowd wanted to hear. If you wanna watch this show, I say why not, it's pretty funny, you just have to know that Bill Maher doesn't do a great one for Christianity, but the show also shows us that we need to give a answer for every question we are asked about Jesus (1 Peter 3:15-Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if you are asked about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.) Cheers and Enjoy
Jarrett, age 15