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The Amazing Race 2

Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: 10 to Adult
Genre: Reality
Length: 1 hr.

Show Synopsis: "The Amazing Race 2" follows the real-life adventures of 11 teams of two as they race across the planet in their attempt to gain first place over win the prize. This is another one-hour long "reality TV" offering from CBS.

Overall, this first episode appears to be quite tame and non-offensive. The teams of two are mostly likable and feel like they could be your next door neighbors (from all over the U.S.). Teams include a husband & wife who are both pastors, a set of brothers, a set of sisters, a brother & sister combo, another husband & wife, a separated couple hoping to renew their relationship, best friends since childhood, two grandmothers, a mother & daughter, and others.

The first episode had the teams being dropped off in the Nevada desert by helicopter, where they had to figure out where they were and made their way to the Las Vegas airport for the next leg of their journey: Rio. We also follow the teams as they make their way to Rio and accomplish several different tasks to complete their time in Brazil.

Teams occasionally display their bad attitudes, perhaps showing antagonism toward each other or other players.

viewer comments…
Usually Okay—Paige and Blake are the salt of the Earth. My wife and I love the way they treat each other.
Frank & Gloria Morgan, age 47
Usually Okay—My husband and I are not reality show watchers because of the back stabbing, cut throat situations that go on. But we love this show as it has exciting travel {never know where they are going next!}, interesting teams working together in tough circumstances that challenge them {you cannot leave your teammate so you have to find ways to get along and work things out - an excellent lesson}. Some of the people have questionable values and I would recommend watching along with your children to talk those issues out but overall, it is a great show to watch as a family and keeps you on the edge of your seat rooting for various teams. It is competitive but more against time and your own mistakes or decisions rather than against other teams.
Cathi, age 36
Usually Okay—It is fast paced and usually void of any sex and only violence would be an occasional confrontation between teams. Probably better for teen thru adult rather than small children.
Barbara Ray, age 55
Caution—In Brazil, there were scantily clad ladies and one of the stops was a night club where the racers had to find a dancer in a skinny bikini and colorful headdress. Also, some Christians should discern as the competitors sometimes are't wearing modest dress (understandable in hot Rio). The best are the Gutsy Grannies, hopefully they will make it a few more rounds. The pastor husband/wife team is a nice addition. This is a neat show as there are plenty of “equalizers” that can make the race unpredictable (bus breaks down, only the first x teams get to take the first flight, a place doesn't open until a set time, etc.). Surprisingly, there is a fair amount of physical exertion required (running here or there) but not too bad. In general, a fun show but as with all shows, discernment should be applied.
Tim Emmerich, age 34