The Resurrection of Jesus

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Questions and Answers about the Resurrection
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God’s Story: From Creation to EternityILLUSTRATED ON-LINE SUMMARY of Jesus Christ’s story, beginning just before his birth.—Read it!
(or better yet, listen while you read and begin at THE VERY BEGINNING, in Genesis to truly understand the whole story of Christ, why he came, who he was, etc. recommendedGo)

  • Biblical description of Christ’s last day, death and resurrection: As told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

  • The Resurrection of Christ—What happened? Who saw Jesus alive after his death? Why was his resurrection important? Answer

  • The Messiah—Was Jesus really him? Answer

  • Is Jesus Christ really God? Answer

  • Could Christ have sinned? Answer

  • How did Jesus die? Answer

  • What is crucifixion? Answer

  • On what kind of cross was Jesus crucified? Answer

  • What is the Resurrection of Christ? Answer

  • How do we know Christ really rose from the dead? Answer

  • CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE? If the Bible is the Word of God, how can you explain the contradictions of the Bible? Answer
    including that the four Gospels give four differing accounts as to what was written on the sign that hung on the cross

SIX SKEPTICAL OBJECTIONS most frequently leveled by critics of Christ’s resurrection…

  • Christ’s resurrection is a myth, not history. Answer

  • The Resurrection stories are full of contradictions. Answer

  • Miracles are not possible. Answer

  • The body was stolen. Answer

  • Jesus only fainted and then recovered from his wounds. Answer

  • The witnesses were just “seeing things.” Answer

More questions…

  • Was Jesus Christ buried in the wrong tomb? Or an unknown tomb? Answer

  • What about the death and resurrection of Christ was important and vital to Christianity? Answer

  • How is the date for Resurrection Sunday determined? Answer

  • What does Islam teach about the crucifixion of Jesus? Answer

  • Mormonisn—What is the significance of Resurrection Sunday for Mormons? Answer

  • How can I be saved from hell? Answer

  • What single event had the power to SPLIT TIME? Flash Presentation

Is Jesus the Answer to Your Question?
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