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To God be the glory. It is only through God’s grace and help, and the gracious financial assistance and prayers of His children, that the Christian Answers Network exists--and has been able to succeed in helping men, women, boys and girls throughout the world. Although Earthly awards are certainly not our goal, we thank the organizations that have kindly given their encouragement to the work being accomplished here to glory of our Savior and Sustainer, Jesus Christ.

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R E S O U R C E   R E V I E W  by Jody Smith of

“If you’re just interested in skimming through sites, this is not the one for you. To do ChristianAnswers.Net justice, you need to set aside some serious time, and you need to have your thinking cap on. They call themselves a Mega-site, and they mean it. This mammoth of a site is huge in its scope.

ChristianAnswers.Net is brought to you by its Editorial Team Members, a most impressive group of talent. On this list are Answers in Genesis, Associates for Biblical Research, Films for Christ, Dawson McAllister Live!, AIIA and others.

On their home page, they ask, “Are you looking for answers?” They vow to offer “biblical answers to important contemporary questions”, and proceed to deliver. Their versatility is enormous. You’ll find everything from Kid’s Coloring Pages to information on the Year 2000 Computer mess.

This is a very satisfying source of scientific, archaeological, and technological information from an unapologetically Christian perspective. See what they have to say about astronomy and aliens, dinosaurs, DNA, the Flood, etc. You’ll also find social, marital and family issues raised and dealt with. They have a new Teens section that is worth seeing. And everything is built around the cornerstone of Jesus Christ.

Interested in books and videos? You’ll find them here. ChristianAnswers.Net also offers a free video-loan outreach to public schools in Canada and the U.S., on subjects such as creation and history.

They make every effort to be accessible to as many people as possible, in Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. They offer portions in Esperanto, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. They are also looking for volunteer translators, proofreaders and Christian counselors.

Here’s what some others think of this site. ChristianAnswers.Net has won the Best of the Christian Web Award for '96, Your Way Cool Site, CCMag Website of the Month, and Net Guide Gold Site. They have so many awards, they had to add another page.

Any questions? Need some answers? Ask ChristianAnswers.Net”

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Best of the Christian Web, an Internet site “grading” system designed to recognize excellence on the World Wide Web, has given the Christian Answer Network the highest grade of any site yet examined, 98 out of 100 available points. They wrote,

“One of the best Christian sites on the Internet! ChristianAnswers.Net is awarded the highest rating thus far on Best of the Christian Web by scoring a perfect score in two catagories. This site has something for the entire family. ChristianAnswers.Net answers the tough questions that Christian have such as, ‘Under what conditions can Christians divorce and remarry?’ and ‘Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?’ The kids will love the KID EXPLORERS area where they can learn about God’s creation. There’s even a coloring book which you can print out. This is a MUST see site.”

NetGuide, an on-line magazine and “Best of the Web” search engine and “grading” system has given the Christian Answer Network four stars on every area of rating (on a five star scale). They wrote,

“Providing Christian answers (based on the Bible) to contemporary questions, Christian Answers Network will give you the argumentative tools you need to put that ornery atheist in his place. Besides covering issues like Creationism, Bible Archaeology, and Christian Theology, this bright, splashy site has video reviews and activities for kids.”

NetGuide Gold Site

Overall Rating:

Winner of a Britannica Internet Guide Award

Britannica Internet Guide Award

Our Christian Background Music section won a Britannica Internet Guide Award. said,

“Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability. Britannica editors have rated your site as one of the most valuable and reliable on the Internet, in the company of an elite group of Web sites. We know quality is always difficult to accomplish and maintain. Congratulations on being a selected member of the Britannica Internet Guide.”

Christian-Ads.Net Award

“Praise God for the wonderful work of ChristianAnswers Network! To God be the Glory! It is so wonderful when we allow the Lord to minister to us what is needed to proclaim His message. Thank you so much for providing a place for Christians to learn as well as be blessed!”

Christian Answers Network was named as a “Way Cool Site” by Webscout, an Internet website search engine.

Other awards include a Christian Computing Magazine Web Site of the Month; the first site ever to receive this award from CCMag. It has also been recommended by Dove as a “Family Approved” Internet site, by Kingdom Surf, as a recommended site to find answers to important questions about life and Christian faith.

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