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Love Life For Every Married Couple

by Ed Wheat, M.D. and Gloria Okes Perkins

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Chapter 1:

A Love Affair: It Can Happen to You!
2: Discoveries: The False and the True
3: Does the Plan Still Work?
4: Love: Solving the Mystery
5: The Five Ways of Loving
6: How to Love Your Partner Sexually
7: Romantic Love-The Thrill Factor
8: The Gift of Belonging
9: Becoming Best Friends
10: The Agape Way
11: The Secret of Staying in Love (Expecially for Newlyweds)
12: A Pattern for Lovers
13: Prescription for a Superb Marriage
14: Removing the Barriers
15: How to Save Your Marriage Alone
16: Resources for Change
- Notes
- Suggested Reading