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The Illustrated Origins Answer Book


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“…What a success for the Lord! I can just hear Him saying 'well done my good and faithful servant'. It’s the Evidence That Demands a Verdict of Creation Science.”
Dr. Dudley Benton, Knoxville TN

“[The] in-depth research and easy to read format made The Illustrated Origins Answer Book flow wonderfully. [The] presentation and up to date facts should shake the evolution craze!”
Bob Krug, Westminster CO

“Thanks so much for the book… It is a masterpiece of work! My neighbor was amazed at the research you must have done… We are praying God will use it in a mighty way to convince people of the truth… Thank you for taking the time and effort to write it.”
Leone Erickson, Montague MI

“This book provides an excellent addition to creationist literature. It is most appropriate for those who want to know the basic arguments for Creation and to expose the lack of scientific evidence for evolution… Armed with this book, the non-speciallist will have confidence in discussion…”
Nancy M. Darrall, reviewer for the “Origins Journal of the Biblical Creation Society”, England

“…An enormous amount of work has gone into this compilation and it is indeed an excellent reference book… The book is a very impressive information resource… I thoroughly recommend it as a very readable and exhaustive anthology of creation material. This is one book that is a real must for all persons interested in creation and evidences supporting it.”
Barry Tapp, reviewer for “Creation Ex Nihilo”, vol. 12, no. 2

“We recently received a book we’re really excited about. It’s so good we wish we’d written it!…The Illustrated Origins Answer Book is a fantastic reference for beginners and experts alike… It includes lots of facts and good illustrations, and is readily usable by students from 5th grade on up… This is a very reliable and usable book. It’s the book we have been waiting for. Don’t miss it!”
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Nutting of Alpha Omega Institute, Grand Junction CO