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Are You Going to Heaven?

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30 min.

Effectively plant the Word of God! Simply hand this great half-hour video to anyone you want to come to know Jesus. …then pray, and watch the Holy Spirit work. We’re impressed with this video’s approach—carefully thought out, Bible-based and very professional! Starting with a clever introduction, it quickly gets people thinking and interested. Then it gets right to the point with a well-reasoned and well-illustrated explanation of sin, our need for salvation, the purpose of Christ’s death, the Bible, faith, heaven, hell and how to be sure you are going to heaven.

Throughout the ages mankind has wondered if there is life after death. Some believe they will be re-incarnated in the next life. Others say, “When you die, you cease to exist.” However, most people hold to the view that after one life time, the soul goes to either heaven or hell for eternity.

How about you? Do you believe you will go to heaven when you die? Is it possible for someone to know for sure? This video will reveal the answer to these important questions.

Through the use of live interviews, state-of-the-art 3D computer animation, and dramatic re-enactments, you can now see a clear picture of what happens after you die.

Produced by Double Vision Studios


“We have used this video in our counseling sessions with young women in crisis and have had great response. Just this afternoon, a young mother of four prayed to ask Jesus into her heart after watching it. Her comment was that the video answered a lot of her questions and put it all together so she could understand.”
   —Mary Hanson, Asst. Clinic Director Choose Life/Sav-A-Life of North Alabama