Left Behind 2 / Tribulation Force
Closed Captioned
94 minutes
Age Level:
10 to Adult

Movie review

Left Behind II - photo. Copyright 2002, Cloud Ten Pictures
Left Behind II - photo. Copyright 2002, Cloud Ten Pictures
Left Behind II - photo. Copyright 2002, Cloud Ten Pictures

Left Behind 2

Tribulation Force

based on the best selling book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

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Starring: Kirk Cameron as Buck, Chelsea Noble as Hattie, Clarence Gilyard as Pastor Barnes, Brad Johnson as Rayford, Gordon Currie as Nicolae, Janaya Stephens as Chloe, and Colin Fox as Chaim Rosensweig

Feature film based on the best-selling novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

A week after the rapture, grief-stricken survivors continue to search for the millions of people who vanished into thin air. Chaos engulfs the world as suicide rates skyrocket, businesses are looted, and martial law remains in effect. A desperate world turns to United Nations President Nocolae Carpathia for guidance and reassurance. But as global events begin to take on strange significance, signaling the oncoming terror of years to come, a small group of rebels known as the Tribulation Force embarks on a dangerous mission to open the eyes of the world to the truth — Nocolae Carpathia is the Antichrist!


Left Behind II - photo. Copyright 2002, Cloud Ten Pictures

Ray Comfort, Author/Evangelist, Living Waters Publications
“Anyone who has a concern to reach the lost will love this movie. I wept. I shouted for joy. It is the clearest video presentation of the Gospel I have ever seen, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give it to unsaved friends and family.”

Bob Waliszewski, Youth Culture Department Manager, Focus on the Family
“There’s suspense, intrigue, daring and likeable characters worth rooting for. But more than any of these, theres a concerted desire to put out a likeable film that entertains while conveying God's truth, while not coming across as hokey. And at that, Cloud Ten deserves an A.”

Bob Liparulo, Contributing Editor (or Media Editor), New Man Magazine
“I am delighted and surprised at the increase in overall quality in this movie compared to the first Left Behind. Overall, the story’s clear good-versus-evil premise plays well in a movie that is trying to communicate the Gospel message, and this movie capitalizes well on this story element. It’s a movie that stimulates discussion about the end times and the Gospel message. Christians will find it entertaining and inoffensive. This is a movie I would invite all my friend and family to see. It is wholesome and entertaining. The film exhibits a keen sense of the importance of detail and subtlety.”

Patrick Wilson, Editor, Godly Business Woman
Tribulation Force was compelling, convicting and thought provoking. I really enjoyed the movie, and the acting was top notch! The movie challenged me to evaluate my walk with the Lord and will encourage believers in their walk as well. It is an effective tool to share the Bibles truth. The quality of the movie is definitely at the same, if not better than, standards of Hollywood.”

Adrienne Gaines, Associate Editor, Charisma & Christian Life
“The Left Behind film series is becoming the modern version of A Thief in the Night, offering both an opportunity for Christians to be entertained and capitalizing off the mainstreams fascination with end-times events. Left Behind II is extremely evangelistic, making it an effective outreach tool for Christians hoping to seek immediate fruit.”

Dr. Jack & Rexella van Impe, Founders of Jack Van Impe Ministries
“Ive never seen a Christian film that's its equal. The soul-winning potential of this film is staggering. Millions could be touched by its message. …This movie is without a doubt the finest Christian film ever produced. The overall production values made me feel like I was there, like I was a part of it. At times I had tears, at others excitement, and at others I felt the dilemmas of the characters.”

Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder of the Christian Film and Television Commission
“In my opinion this film [Left Behind II: Tribulation Force] is better than the first one… The evangelistic power of this film is awesome! Characters repeatedly come to Christ in powerfully acted and compelling scenes… Fans of the book Tribulation Force will be especially pleased with the film’s faithfulness to their favorite scenes… I love it when dedicated teams of Christians make quality Christian films like Left Behind II: Tribulation Force.”

Randall Murphree, Editor, American Family Association Journal
Awarded 5 star rating - “Tribulation Force is an entertaining and gripping drama with a solid Christian message you must not miss. Kirk Cameron, Janaya Stephens and Brad Johnson are all outstanding. The production is excellent and the message is clear. On a scale of 1 to 10, its a 10.”

Arthur Anderson, Administrator and Film Reviewer, Teens4Jesus
Awarded 5 star rating - “The excitement, curiosity and livelihood of the actors made Tribulation Force an awesome movie. The film and the book match up closer than any other movie/book relation I have ever seen. Along with that the religious and spiritual quality was intact and stayed that way through the film.”

Scott Green, Movie Reviewer, OneWayFilms
“Cloud Ten Pictures continues to set the standard for modern Christian productions and this latest installment reveals their greatest motivation for filmmaking, to present the gospel message of Jesus Christ and to win the lost. A bold and powerful message for reaching this generation.”

Pastor Greg Mansur, Grace Baptist Church, IL
“Simply put, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force is by far the best Christian film I have ever seen. As entertainment, its moving. As filmmaking, its dynamic. As an evangelistic tool, its potential is absolutely limitless. Cloud Ten Pictures has raised the bar yet again, and they are to be commended and applauded for this excellent film.”

Tom Saab, Founder and Director, Christian Film Festivals of America, Inc.
Finally, a superb End Times thriller that can truly be used for evangelism and is guaranteed to lead thousands to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are not just a few powerful and moving scenes in this film as most Christian films have, but numerous sequences throughout every part of the movie that will have you crying, cheering, that will tug at your heart, cause you to think and will definitely inspire you to go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.”

Dave Lukens, The DOVE Foundation
“I think the Gospel was presented accurately and that people need to realize that they can’t wait to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Time is short. The character Bruce, does a wonderful job of letting people know the Amazing Grace of Salvation. People should watch this film because they will get a good visual adaptation of the book. Tribulation Force is a must see for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Let’s pray that it can draw people to Christ.”

Matthew Turner, Editor, CCM Magazine
Left Behind II: Tribulation Force raised the level of Christian entertainment another notch. Its story and presentation was much more exciting than the first Left Behind: The Movie. Jesus Christ is uplifted in a bold manner in “Tribulation Force.” I haven’t seen this kind of gospel presentation on screen since I was scared out of my mind by the 70's flick 'Distant Thunder'.”

Paul McGuire, syndicated talk show host, KBRT/Crawford Broadcasting
“A powerful presentation of the Gospel that will win people to Jesus Christ! Every church, youth group and individual Christian should show this movie to the unsaved and every parent in the world should get this movie to show to their children. Their lives could be changed for all eternity! Its a must see! It brings the Bible and prophecy alive!””

Vanessa Vaughn Thomas, National Accounts Manager, Sheridan Gospel Network
“Life changing! The movie is so on time for the political climate we are in right now. I think viewers are going to embrace this movie. The Gospel was very well presented in this film, for non believers, it displays a practical, realistic approach to Christianity and for Believers, it reaffirms our faith. This film gives hope when questions can’t be answered and provides an opening for discussions that will lead to salvation.”

Larry Cassady, Editor/Associate Producer, Decision Today Radio Program (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)
“I thought it was better than the first one and thought it did a really good job of getting the gospel message out as well as the love that God has for us.”

Holly McClure, Movie Critic for Crosswalk & IBelieve and author of Death by Entertainment
“[The Gospel] has been very effectively presented in this movie. It is convicting, touching and realistic…this is a good movie to have the idea of salvation explained in a simple but comprehensive manner that isn’t offensive or overly 'christianized'.”

Justin Dix, Video Review Editor, Family Journal
“I was immediately gripped by the founding of the Tribulation Force; the chemistry of the personalities is wonderful; and as the story unfolded, the salvation of various individuals was very moving. People should watch this movie to gain a new urgency for sharing the gospel. Its a great way to introduce unsaved friends to the love of God… Tribulation Force delivers. Its a viewing experience that makes the book come alive!”

Brian D. Whitmore, President, Crystal Coast Crusade, Inc.
“[I’m] very impressed! [It is a] very professional production [with] great special effects… I work with secular movie companies daily and this film equaled the quality of secular productions…[This film] will cause people to search out the truth about Jesus Christ… It is entertainment with a message!”

Produced by Cloud Ten Pictures