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Real Roots: The Origin of the Races

Evidence from the Bible and science

Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel and the Racial Tree of Man

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Racism, Ethnicity Issues and ChristianityRacism, Ethnicity Issues and Christianity (answers to frequently asked questions)

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Most people we meet have never heard a clear biblical and scientific explanation of the true origin of races. As a result, many believe half-truths or even lies. This has been a major factor in racial prejudice throughout the world, even in the Church. Evolutionists have even gone so far as to teach that blacks are less evolved and closer to the apes. This compelling video reveals the truth. Discover evidence from science and the Bible that proves that all humans were created, and that all people are related through Noah’s family, and Adam, before him.

What color was Adam? How could so many different skin colors come from Noah and his sons? Why do some races have slanted eyes and some round if they are all descendants of Noah? This video answers this and many more questions. It also disproves the common misconception that dark skin evolved in hotter climates, and lighter skin in the north. Experience a deeper understanding of the Creator as you see His handiwork in Creation. Your faith will grow as you confirm the accuracy of the Bible’s account of Creation. The Creator Christ came as Savior to all mankind, because all races are descended from the first created man.

This fast-paced documentary was filmed on various locations around the world. It features Australian researcher John Mackay.

Contents include

  • Colors of skin
  • Racial characteristics
  • Genetics
  • Creation
  • The Flood
  • The Tower of Babel
  • The Racial tree of man
  • Pygmies
  • Eskimoes
  • Aborigines
  • Professor David Menton
  • Medical Biologist Dr. Diane Eager
  • Dr. Ethel Nelson, Aboriginal linguist
  • Dr. Allen Hall
  • A host of native peoples interviewed around the globe
  • …and more

(Published by majestic media / Family & Marriage Today)


“Tension between the races remains one of the most serious problems worldwide. As with any issue, the Bible has the answer. Nowhere is this issue explained better than on Mackay’s fine video series on the origin of the races. I recommend them fully.”
—Dr. John D. Morris, Director of the Institute for Creation Research

“Everyone that has seen the Real Roots video has been touched by it.
—Thelma Glentworth Tauranga, New Zealand

“Congratulations on the high standard of the Real Roots video. It is a wonderful faith strengthening tool.
—Geoff & Nadine Poynton, Grafton, Australia

“Thanks for our video Real Roots. We enjoyed the content very much.
—James & Ariene Bryant, Tennessee