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Do real scientists believe in Creation? Answer

Why do so many scientists endorse Evolution? Answer

How is it possible for reasonable, intelligent, well-educated people to hold such diametrically opposite views as Evolutionism and Creationism? Answer

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Thomas G. Barnes

  • Creationist
  • Physicist
  • D.Sc. from Hardin-Simmons University (1950)
  • Professor emeritus of Physics and Director Schellenger Research Laboratories of Texas Western College of the University of Texas at El Paso
  • Former consultant to Globe Universal Sciences, Inc. in El Paso
  • Former research physicist at Duke University (1942-45)
  • M.S. degree from Brown University (1936) while studying under the famous physicist R.B. Lindsay
  • Director of many important research projects on terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric physics
  • Published various scientific papers and textbooks
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Creation Research Society Quarterly