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Meaning: “Oh that!; O would that!; Would to God; Jehovah is staying” (per Dr. Judson Cornwall & Dr. Stelman Smith, The Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names (Bridge Logos).

Ahlai was a descendant of the patriarch Judah. Her name appears only in the book of 1 Chronicles (2:31 and 11:41).

Her father was Sheshan who had no sons, but several daughters.

She was a descendant of Perez, Judah’s older son by Tamar. (Matthew 1:3).

The fact that she was listed in the genealogy of Jerahmeel indicates that she may have been a woman of significance. Her son Zabad was one of David’s mighty men (1 Chronicles 11:41).

Some scholars assume that two different Ahlai’s are mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:31 and 11:41, one female and one male. But this is not totally clear from the context.

Author: Paul S. Taylor.