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Hebrew: chagowr, cha-gor, chagowrah, chagorah, meaning a belt for the waist (an apron) / Greek: simikinthion from the Latin word semicinctium, meaning a half-girding or narrow covering.

This word is found twice in the King James Bible (Genesis 3:7; Acts 19:12). In Genesis it refers to the fig leaves used by Adam and Eve to cover themselves from view by their Creator. In Acts 19:12, it refers to a wide belt or half-girdle worn by artisans and servants around the waist to protect their clothing.

The word “apron” appears twice in the New Revised Standard Version (Luke 17:8; Acts 19:12). The translation in Luke is from the Greek word perizonnumi.

Author: Matthew G. Easton, edited by Paul S. Taylor.