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Hebrew: אֲרַם נַהֲרַיִם —transliteration: Aram Naharayim or Aram-Naharaim —meaning: Aram of (the) two rivers / This is the name for the region used in the Old Testament.

also known as: Aram Naharayim

This name is used to refer to Mesopotamia (as it is translated in Genesis 24:10), the country enclosed between the Tigris River on the east and the Euphrates River on the west (Psalm 60, title); called also the “land of Aram” (Hos. 12:12, NRSV) i.e., the open country of Aram; in the King James Bible, “country of Syria.” Padan-aram was a portion of this country.


Article Version: July 16, 2021