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Meaning: blessed.

This was the name of 3 Biblical men.

  1. Baruch, the secretary and aide of the prophet Jeremiah (32:12; 36:4)

    He is a son of Neriah and is thus called “Baruch ben Neriah.” He was of the tribe of Judah (51:59).

    To him, Jeremiah dictated his prophecies regarding the invasion of the Babylonians and the Captivity. These he read to the people from a window in the temple in the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim, king of Judah (Jeremiah 36).

    He afterwards read them before the counsellors of the king at a private interview; and then to the king himself, who, after hearing a part of the roll, cut it with a penknife, and threw it into the fire of his winter parlour, where he was sitting.

    During the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, he was the keeper of the deed of purchase Jeremiah had made of the territory of Hanameel (Jeremiah 32:12).

    Being accused by his enemies of favouring the Chaldeans, he was cast, with Jeremiah, into prison, where he remained till the capture of Jerusalem (B.C. 586). He probably died in Babylon.

    The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia states that “Baruch’s tomb is a mile distant from that of Ezekiel, near Mashhad 'Ali.”

  2. Baruch, the son of Zabbai (Neh. 3:20; 10:6)

    He was one of Nehemiah’s helpers in repairing the destroyed walls of Jerusalem.

  3. Baruch, the son Colhozeh (Col-Hozeh), and father of Maaseiah (Nehemiah 11:5)

    He is a member of the Tribe of Judah who settled in Jerusalem.