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A calf is the young of a cow or ox. Calves were commonly made use of in sacrifices, and are therefore frequently mentioned in Scripture.

The “fatted calf” was regarded as the choicest of animal food; it was frequently also offered as a special sacrifice (1 Samuel 28:24; Amos 6:4; Luke 15:23).

The words used in Jeremiah 34:18-19, “cut the calf in twain,” allude to the custom of dividing a sacrifice into two parts, between which the parties ratifying a covenant passed (Genesis 15:9-10, 17-18).

The sacrifice of the lips, i.e., praise, is called “the calves of our lips” (Hos. 14:2, R.V., “as bullocks the offering of our lips.” Compare Hebrews 13:15; Psalm 116:7; Jeremiah 33:11).