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Hebrew: כַּמּוֹן —meaning: full of stalks or cumin

also known as: Camoun and Kamon

This is a place (Judges 10:5) where Jair was buried.

It has usually been supposed to have been a city of Gilead, on the east of Jordan River.

It is probably, however, the modern Tell-el-Kaimun, on the southern slopes of Carmel, the Jokneam of Carmel (Joshua 12:22; 1 Kings 4:12), since it is not at all unlikely that after he became judge, Jair might find it more convenient to live on the west side of Jordan; and that he was buried where he had lived.

Alternatively, the historian Josephus believed Camon (Camoun) was a city of Gilead, and in the opinion of the editors of the Pulpit Commentary: “Polybius mentions a Camoun among other trans-Jordanic places, but its site has not been verified by modern research.”

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Article Version: February 20, 2023