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Meaning: enlightener

This is the name of four biblical men.

  1. Jair, the son of Segub— He was brought up with his mother in Gilead, where he had possessions (1 Chronicles 2:22). He distinguished himself in an expedition against Bashan, and settled in the part of Argob on the borders of Gilead. The small towns taken by him there are called Havoth-jair, i.e., “Jair's villages” (Numbers 32:41; Deuteronomy 3:14; Joshua 13:30).

  2. Jair, the 8th judge of Israel, which he ruled for 22 years. His opulence is described in Judges 10:3-5. He had 30 sons, each riding on “ass colts.” They had possession of 30 of the 60 cities (1 Kings 4:13; 1 Chronicles 2:23) which formed the ancient Havoth-jair.

    He was buried in Kamon (aka Camon or Camoun).

  3. Jair, a Benjamite, the father of Mordecai, Esther's uncle (Esther 2:5)

  4. Jair (aka Jaare-Oregim the Bethlehemite), the father of Elhanan— Elhanan slew Lahmi, the brother of Goliath (1 Chronicles 20:5).

Article Version: February 20, 2023