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Meaning: Great.

This was the name of 2 biblical men, both giants.

  1. Goliath, a Gittite, the famed giant of Gath, and the battlefield champion of the Philistines

    For 40 days Goliath openly defied the armies of Israel. At length, he was killed by David with a stone from a sling (1 Samuel 17:4). David then beheaded Goliath.

    Goliath was probably descended from the Rephaim who found refuge among the Philistines after they were dispersed by the Ammonites (Deuteronomy 2:20-21).

    His height was “six cubits and a span.” If the cubit referred to was 18 inches and the span 6 inches, then Goliath was 9′6″ (2.8956 meters). If the cubit was 21 inches (0.5334 meters), then he was 10′6″ (3.2004 meters).

    See: Biblical Weights and Measures

    David cut off Goliath’s head (1 Samuel 17:51) and brought it to Jerusalem. He hung Goliath’s armor which he took from him in his own tent.

    Goliath’s sword was preserved at Nob as a religious trophy (1 Samuel 21:9).

    David’s victory over Goliath was the turning point in his life. He came into public notice now as the deliverer of Israel and the chief among Saul’s men of war (18:5), and the devoted friend of Prince Jonathan.

  2. Goliath, a giant killed by Elhanan

    2 Samuel 21:19 mentions another giant of the same name who was slain by Elhanan.

    The staff of his spear “was like a weaver’s beam.”

    The King James Version interpolates the words “the brother of” from 1 Chronicles 20:5, where this giant is called Lahmi.


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