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farthing in the King James Bible

This is the word for an British coin (no longer used) equal to ¼ of an old British penny. The word comes from “fourthing.”

In the King James Bible, this old English word is the translation of 2 Greek words in the Gospel According to Matthew. Most modern translations use the word “cent.”

  1. Matthew 10:29; Luke 12:6

    Greek: ἀσσαρίου —transliteration: assarion, i.e., a small as, a low value coin

    The Roman name for this coin was assarius.

    (see: MITE—for relative value and information about the widow and the “2 mites”)

  2. Matthew 5:26; Mark 12:42

    Greek: κοδράντην —transliteration: kodrantes, the quadrant, ¼ of an as (assarion), equal to 2 lepta (mites)

    The lepton (mite) was the very smallest copper coin.

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Article Version: April 12, 2024