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also known as: Chavilah

Hebrew: חֲוִילָה —transliteration: Chavilah or Havilah

Meaning (according to Hebrew popular etymology, although the derivation is uncertain): the sand region or sand-land

This was the name of 2 Biblical places and 2 people.

  1. Havilah, a pre-Flood region

    The land of Havilah is mentioned in Genesis 2:11, where it says this place was rich in gold and בְּדֹלח (possibly bdellium or pearls) and onyx stone.

  2. Havilah, a district in ArabiaFelix

    It is uncertain whether the tribe gave its name to this region or derived its name from it, and whether it was originally a Cushite (Genesis 10:7) or a Joktanite tribe (10:29; compare 25:18), or whether there were both a Cushite and a Joktanite Havilah. It is the opinion of Kalisch, however, that Havilah “in both instances designates the same country, extending at least from the Persian to the Arabian Gulf, and on account of its vast extent easily divided into two distinct parts.” This opinion may be well vindicated.

  3. Havilah, one of the sons of Cush

    (Genesis 10:7)

  4. Havilah, a son of Joktan

    (Genesis 10:29; 1 Chronicles 1:23)

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