Ancient Roman ruins (nymphaeum) at site of Nicopolis. Photographer: Marsyas. Licensed (Creative Commons by 2.5)
Ancient Roman ruins (nymphaeum—a monument consecrated to the nymphs) at site of Nicopolis
Photo by Marsyas. License: CC BY 2.5 (image cropped).

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Meaning: city of victory

This is sheltered port city where the Apostle Paul intended to spend the winter.

When I shall send Artemas unto thee, or Tychicus, be diligent to come unto me to Nicopolis: for I have determined there to winter. —Titus 3:12

There were several cities of this name. The one here referred to is that in Epirus, which was built by Augustus Caesar to commemorate his victory at the battle of Actium (31 BC). The city was located across from the ancient town of Actium on the other side of the harbor’s mouth.

It is the modern Paleoprevesa, i.e., “Old Prevesa.” Many impressive ruins of the ancient city can be visited there today.

Site of ancient Nicopolis, at modern Prevesa, Greece—satellite view

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Article Version: May 21, 2024