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pieces of money in the Bible

  1. Pieces of silver

    In Psalm 68:30 denotes “fragments,” and not properly money. In 1 Sam. 2:36 (Hebrew: agorah), properly a “small sum” as wages, weighed rather than coined.

    Josh. 24:32 (Hebrew: kesitah, q.v.), supposed by some to have been a piece of money bearing the figure of a lamb, but rather simply a certain amount. (Compare Genesis 33:19).

  2. Shekel

    The word pieces is omitted in many passages, as Genesis 20:16; 37:28; 45:22, etc.

    The passage in Zech. 11:12-13 is quoted in the Gospel (Matthew 26:15), and from this we know that the word to be supplied is “shekels.” In all these omissions we may thus warrantably supply this word.

  3. Drachma / Denarius

    The “piece of money” mentioned in Matt. 17:27 is a stater=a Hebrew shekel, or four Greek drachmae; and that in Luke 15:8-9; Act 19:19, a Greek drachma = a Roman denarius.

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